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Library: Visiting BatMud


Author: Bemmu
Date:Mar 11 1998

This is a very short pamphlet about what BatMud looks like from the eyes of a

I'm from another reality, and I found a port through which I could visit this
strange new world. I found myself creating another persona for myself in this
different reality, or dimension if you will. I was astounded by the complexity
of this place, and confused aswell. Then I found a tour guide, who showed me
around the city, which, I was told, was mere a glimpse of everything in this
new world. I think I have visited here before, but something has changed,
strange carts are now lying beside the road. Through little examination I had
a theory, that a new craft was born, merchants. I was not sure if my finding
was correct, maybe I was just not paying enough attention on my previous
visit. My latest amazement was the variety of books in this library, and the
ease which with anyone could write one. I don't know if people approve my
little writing, the other books are probably so large and magnificient. I
noted a nice detail, that I don't remember seeing on my previous visit, a "you
are here" type of thing on the map, nicey. Well, time to continue the tour,
and maybe be a mighty batmudder once.