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Library: warning, part 2


Author: Lum
Date:Apr 7 1998

Warning!  You have been warned.

Anyways, I was thinking.  Maybe that girl is like Piiki.  A cat, bird, or some
animal that just wasn't happy being an animal, and decided to try to be human
instead.  I don't know.  We'll something's definately wierd, I thought, but I
wasn't getting any help from the wierdo.  Ah well, it's someone else's
problem.  I've got enough of my own stuff to worrey about, no way I'm
worreying about someone else's friends right now (then).

I didn't expect the whole thing to find its way back into my life, but I
almost think that things like this have a way doing that.  Anyways, I was
peacefully cooking dinner one night when I heard this knock at my door.  So I
opened it, it was Mika.  She seemed exhausted.

I asked her what's wrong. 
She said nothing, just that she wanted to spend some time at my house.  So I
said fine.

I went back to cooking.  I hear another knock at my door, and this one's loud.
I checked the peephole and saw that Duncan guy, so I just walked away.  "Go
away!", I yelled.

I went back to cooking.  But the guy kept knocking.  What a loser.  I opened
up the door and yelled at him.  "What?!", I demanded.

I remember thinking, for a second, that he seemed genuinely panicked.

  "They got me... they killed Sherry!  Pleez, you've got to... you've got to
help me."  Oh no, I though, not this again.
  I sighed disinterestedly, and then asked "Who's Sherry?"   But I already
knew the answer.
  "Sherry's my... my Dinasaur.", he admitted.  "They shot her... it's
terrible."  I remember thinking that this guy's acting never seizes to amaze
me.  You couldn't tell from the tears in his eyes that this was all just some
  "Who's 'they'?", I demanded.  He tried to come in, but I raised my hand and
stopped him.
  "I don't know... They wanted to send me... send me a message.  That's why
they shot Sherry!  Oh my poor (...) Dinasaur!  Sherry!"  Actually, I remember
having to try hard not to laugh, it would ruin the "drama" of the whole
  "Yeah, but who's they!", I repeated.
  "I told you!  I don't... know..."  He paused.  "But this is just like on
Ruby Ridge!  Remember!  They killed that guys family... to... send him a
message!  They couldn't get my girl type, so they killed... Sherry, my
Dinasaur, to... send me a message too!"
  "Don't even compare yourself to that!", I demanded.  
  "But it is!"  He put his hands in his face and cried.  So convincing, I
remember thinking.
It's too bad I won't become a psycho and get paid by people to pick apart
their delusions.
  I told him you know the truth.  You know that you're dinasaur was a
delusion, so in order to make it mean something, the only way you could make
it mean something was in its death.  Other than that, it doesn't exist!  It
never did!
  "No, no, they shot it.  It's hard... to kill a dinasaur with an ordinary
rifle.  But they had a... big one, some kind of antitank gun."  He had stopped
crying enough to say that, but then put his hands over his face again.
  "It's fate.  You should live a normal life.  You just weren't made to...", I
remember having to stop from laughing here, "have a dinasaur." But I kept a
straight face.
  "Maybe you're right... maybe I was meant to... meant to have a girl type all
along."  I remember thinking gee, here we go again.
  "Why'd you come here!?", I demanded.  But he refused to answer.  Why would
he come here.  No doubt he had other places to go.  Why?, I demanded.
  He just wouldn't answer.  So I closed the door, locked it, and rushed back
to my cooking.

I finished cooking and turned down the stove, and then went to get my kid. 
But I heard some knocking on the backyard door.  Just doesn't give up, I
thought, but instead it was that punk girl, the same one from before.  I
looked at her and shook my head.  She pointed at her face and I shrugged.  

Anyways I went back looking for my kid, but couldn't find her.  I got back to
the room next to the backyard and there she was, she'd opened the door and let
in the girl.  I told her not to let in strangers, then turned to the girl.

  I asked the girl what her problem is and why she'd come here.  She just
seemed to be ignoring me.  "You can play with her, but don't mess up
anything.", I advised my kid and showed her the dish of food I'd made.  Then I
went back to my bedroom.  But I thought of something -- Duncan.  He'd come
here, then that punk girl came here.  There's got to be some connection.
  I went back to my front door and opened it a tad, sure enough, there he was.
"Why here!", I demanded of him, why do you show up here, and than that girl! 
What's her name!, she won't talk to me."
  "She's here?  Tell her I'm... let me in to see her."  I told him no, getting
ready to to slam and lock the door in his face.  
  What's her name!, I demanded again.  If I knew her name, mabye I could get
her to talk to me.  But he wasn't being too helpful.
  He said something like "It's a secret, I can't tell."
  So I told him no way, and closed he door in his face.  But he must have been
really desperate, he tried to struggle against it.  I called back to my kid
and told her "Annie, take that girl into the back room with Mika.  Okay?"  She
  As Duncan forced his way in, I pushed him back out but he was resisting.  He
just wouldn't leave.  It's my house, get out, I ordered.  He must've been
really desperate about something.  He bolted right past me, pushing me aside. 
So upset, I remember catching up to him, grabbing onto him from behind, and
tripping him facefirst.  He probably thought I would let him just run through
my house.
  I remember thinking I was a bit dumb to open the door (even a bit) to see if
he was still there, I should have just left him there.  Since he was down, I
tried to put him in a painful arm-hold (the type the police use) but he just
woulnd't give in.  At least he wasn't fighting back, I mean at least he was
  I realised I was not going to be able to pin him forever.  So I jabbed him
in the back repeatedly.  It just enraged him, he lost his composure.  We fight
for a while but he escaped and ran farther into my house.
  I chased him, but he wasn't familiar with the house anyways, so he ran into
my bedroom.  I stood in the doorway and demanded he stop, but seeing he was
trapped he went back to fighting.  Duncan was both terribly panicked and not
very good, so he backed off, trapped.
  The conversation went something like this.  "So what's her name?  Tell me
your girlfriend's name.", I asked.
  "She's not... she's just the girl-girl type I've been raising.  But, not
for...", he replied.
  After fighting, I was a bit short on patience.  "I'm not interested in your
delusions, Duncan.  Just tell me her fucking name.", I demanded.
  So he asked "Why!".  Guys need to have everything explained to them in
detail, they're not very good at realising things themselves.  
  "So I can talk to her.  She won't answer me at all, she just ignores me." 
Actually this isn't completely true, but-
  Duncan - "She's lazy.  I do my best, ..."  I was starting to get really
frustrated.  "I'm... used to raising dinasaurs.", he admitted, "They're much
easier than girl types, girl types tend to be rather selfish."
  With that, we quickly resumed fighting.  He was just not giving up.

  Had it been a better room I would have left and locked him inside.  He
eventually backed into one corner and I stood next to the door.  I remember
debating with him a bit.  Telling him what do you hope to gain by fighting me.
Come on straight and tell me what's going here.  That's the only way you'll
get my help.
  This guy was at least reasonable.  He said something like "Fine, but you ask
the questions.  I'll do my best to answer them."
  So I agreed.  I started asking him questions.

  "Fine, what's your girlfriend's name then?", I asked.
  "I don't have a girlfriend.", he admitted, playing sad.
  "What do you call that then?!  It's a-"
  "It's a girl type... monster."  He seemed flustered.
  I thought you were starting to get over that stuttering, I told him.  He
said he'd taken speaking classes, and will eventually.
  "Why do you call her a monster?!", I demanded.  "Is she a little rough
toward you?  Do you get beat up by her?  Why!"
  He shook his head.  "That's what she is!", he yelled.  He looked me straight
in the eyes, a look you don't forget, as if he was begging me to believe him.
  "Fine then, this is going to be a tough one.", I told him sarcastically. 
"The differences between what you call a 'monster' and an ordinary person."
  He looked a bit frustrated.  He threw up his arms.  "Monsters are monsters! 
Humans are humans!", he said.  "Monsters come from other monsters, and humans
come from other humans."
  "Okay, but what's the difference?  Why don't you just call her a girl? 
Couldn't you?"
  He seemed to go back to talking the way he used to talk.  His momentary
compusure disappeared.  "I... She's a... monster."
  "Name?", I asked.
  "Her...", he replied.
  "How come you started that stuff again!  That broken speech."
  "I-", he answered, but I ignored him.
  "You were talking normally for a short while there!  I'll bet that
stuttering is just some kind of act you pull!", I yelled at him.
"You slipped up!"
  And I realized something else too.  "And I know why you came here!  You told
that girl that if there was any trouble at your house, and you two got split
up, to meet you here at my house!  Didn't you!"
  "Fine, I admit it I did."  He was back to speaking normally.  At least he
was finally being cooperative.
what's her name?", I asked.  He's been dodging this question.
  "It's not Sherry, Sherry was the name of my dinasaur."
  So I just demanded "Tell me her name!  What is it?  You really are
delusional!  It's not like she's some kind of Demon."
  (Part of the myth of 'Demons' is that if you know the demon's "true name",
you can force it to serve you for 7/13 years.)
  "Since they're technically my monsters, I name them!  But, it's
  "Yeah, I can imagine.  Not everyone keeps around a dinasaur named 'Sherry',
do they.", I asserted.  "But tell me the name now."
  "No!  You're mean!", he insisted.
  "Too bad!  You're only way out of this is to answer all my questions!", I
yelled back.  There was a lot of swaring in-between, most not in english.
  He called me some names -- I don't remember the exact words b'cos it went by
too fast.  "And you're spoiled too!  You're going to spoil my girl-type if you
hang around her too long!"
  "Argh... Name!", I yelled.  "Maybe I'm half the things you said I was, but
you still have to obey me."  I called him a "limp-dick cat" in japanesse.
  He was stuttering on and off again.  I guess after pretending so much, it
might have become a habit for him.  "Her name's, I don't know where she got
such a wierd name.  But her name is 'Lan'."
  "Now that wasn't that bad, was it.  And why does she dress like that?"
  "That's just... her style.  It's just the way she dresses.", he replied.
  I took a few seconds to think up more questions.  "Okay, that time you two
were trapped in my bathroom.  Why'd that fight go on so long?"
  "No!  I won't talk about this!  Fuck this!", he yelled, exzasperated.
  "I saw a bit of this fight!", I asserted.  "She'd beat you up!  She'd get on
top of you!  She'd kiss you!  What's going on here?!"
  "I! ...", he replied, and then yelled unintelligably.
  "Oh, I'm sorrey.  I guess your sex life or sexual tastes aren't any of my
business, are they.", I teased.
  "It's not... It's not half that!  It's not that at all!  Just get off it,
let me go!", he yelled again.
  "Fine.  Go out the window.  You can jump off the front porch."  I crossed my
arms and stood in the doorway.
  "No!", he replied.
  "What's your problem?", I demanded.  "This is my house, I want you out now."
  "I'm not leaving until I'm with my girl type.", he said.  He was trying to
sound tough.  
  Anyways, we fought again.  The fight was near the sliding door, that led out
to the front porch.  I tried to push him through it but failed, he tried to
run for the door but I tackled him.  Once again, he was absolutely desperate.
  I called for Mika as I held him to the ground, and she came out to help me. 
The two of us forced him to the front door and kicked him out of the house. 
He banged on the door a bit and wouldn't stop. I called up the police and told
them there's a crazy guy trying to break into my house.  They said they'd send
a guy over in a car to shoo him away.
  So I went back into the room with Mika, my kid, and the punk girl.  I tried
to talk to her but she still wouldn't answer, just ignored.
  "Mika, you said she talked to you before?", I asked.
  "Yeah, she did."
  I asked Mika what she did to get her to talk, Mika said she just started. 
Maybe she was just very lazy or something.
  I tried to get her to talk, by talking to her.  She perked up when she heard
her name mentioned, but then stared off again.  "You're not an ordinary
person, are you.", I told her.
  She might have shook her head, but either way wasn't paying too much
attention to me.  She found a mirror, so she could look at herself.

  After that, Duncan disappeared from my life.  His punk girlfriend, who never
seemed to talk at all, stayed at my house.  She never did too much.  She would
drink a lot, and eat from time to time, but mostly she preferred to just lie
down and my yard and stare endlessly at the sky.
  This went on for a week or so.  The only time she got out of my house and
yard was to go shopping, she needed some clothing.
  After the week, I asked her, "Lan, you're going to sit there all day again?"
 But all she did was get up, stretch, and lie back down again.
  I was a bit frustrated so I went up to her, and bent over her.
  "Now talk, why don't you?", I asked.  She would hum a lot, but never talked.
Maybe she really can't talk.  Maybe Mika hearing her was just some kind of
mistake, I thought.  Oh well.  Still, what kind of girl just refuses to talk.

  "So look", I remember explaining to her.  "You live here -- you at least
better learn how to talk."  She didn't acknowledge me.  "Okay then."
  For the next three days or so, I had her sit down regularly in a chair and
tried to teach her the basics of Japanesse (I can't teach english very well). 
I was getting nowhere, but actually this worked out okay.  After three days
she got so bored that she had to admit she could talk.
  In perfect english, she said, "I'm tired.  I want to stop.  Let's stop now."
And that was it.
  "No- I've got questions to ask you.", I responded.  I told her she could
sleep after she answered my questions.
  She did this "m-kay" and moved "cutely", it's hard to explain with words.
  "It's more of my business, but what's this Duncan person to you?"
  "He's wierd.", she replied.  I explained to her I already knew that.
  "Do you like him?", I asked.  But she just shrugged.  So I asked her "what
kind of person are you?"
  "I'm Lan".  With that, she began walking back outside.
  "Why are you so lazy?  Don't want to do anything?", I demanded.
  "Y'mean, like fight?  Mm-mm." (Mm-mm means 'no').
  "Why'd you mention that?", I asked.
  "Fight.  I mean do something.  Like go to the beach, or to a party, or
  "Nah.", she replied, sitting back down in the grass.
  "You just want to stay here and sit around all day?"
  "Mhm!  Just rest.", she replied (Mhm = 'yes').
  "Fine go ahead, it's not like you eat a lot or anything.", I offered.  But
you'd expect at least "thanks" from some people, she'd jsut dozed off.
  At the time, it did cross my mind as to "how can a girl like this exist." 
She must have been an orphan or a girl who ran away from her parents, or who
was kicked out.  Maybe even a cousin or something of Duncan's, I wouldn't put
it past him.
  Shortly after my cat Piiki discovered the girl and would sit on her purring
as she slept -- she didn't seem to mind.  But, nothing else of note.

  Anyways, about 12 days(?) later I was asleep and my kid starts kicking me,
waking me up.  Annie, Piiki sleep with me, and Lan was sleeping beside the
  There was some pounding, hard pounding at the door.  I waited a few seconds
and fought off the drowsiness, then got up.
  I remember I turned on the lights in the front room and saw the front room
and saw the front door shaking a bit.  I heard some muffled yells from
outside, followed by two gunshots.  Two shots fired from behind the front
window (a few metres to the left of the door).  THe curtains were closed,
whoever was shooting was just firing randomly.  I rolled onto the ground and
got out of there anyways, you do these sort of things when someone's shooting
at you.  But, as I ran out, Lan ran right past me heading toward my living
room, which had a door to the backyard.  I didn't pay much attention, I was
more concerned about my kid and Piiki.
  When I got back to my room, I told my kid "don't fight."  I tried calling
the police, but eventually just turned on my VHF radio (Very High Frequency,
this has the police radio band and emergency bands) and transmitted.  You
weren't supposed to do this, but it was the fastest way to get help.  You just
pretend like you're some panicked rookie cop being shot at and yell for
backup.  So I told them address, and then yelled "Shots fired!" and "Request
backup... Request immediate assistance!".  The pounding at my door was
continuing, so it must have not come off yet.
  Anyways, I did unsheath my katana, and told my kid to get the archery bow
and some arrows.  By the time I got it out, I thought the pounding should have
knocked down the door, but it hadn't yet.  So I just patiently waited and
flipped off the rather annoying police radio.
  So suddenly I heard an explosion.  It was a bit small, but it was most
definately an explosion.  And then, cracking noises, more explosions.  It was
just bizarre.  There were a few muffled yells, some activitiy, and then
complete quiet.  I waited.  I'd wait about two minutes.  My kid ask me what
was happening, I told her "What the fuck... that's exactly what I'm thinking."
Hopefully the police come soon.
  The police never came -- what's this coming to anyways?  There were more
crackling noises and explosions out there, about one minute later.  Went on
for around ten seconds, then stopped.  I knew I'd better just wait it out.  I
waited, but two minutes later I heard footsteps in the house and held my sword
ready.  But it was just Lan.
  "Where... what's going on with you?!", I demanded.
  "Bad people.", she replied.
  "They're still out there?", I asked.  "Was that a bomb?"
  "Nn. Nn (no).  Got killed, it's okay."  Lan laid back down on the floor.  I
told my kid to stay in the room with Piiki and took a look at what was
outside.  The front door was dislodged but still standing, so I turned on the
porch light and pulled it open.
  It reeked (spelled quite bad).  It smelled like burnt charcoal.  There were
singe marks all over, and cracks in the concrete.  What must have been some
body parts were strewn all over the front porch.  I muttered something about
not eating today, and then called the police, finally getting through.  I
explained to them that a few people had just exploded or blown themselves up
on my front proch.  This is unusual, I remember thinking.
  The cops were really confused, they questioned me over and over again.  I
told them the same thing every time.  The cop I know told me that they were
rather confounded, and the only semi-feasible scenario was that the guys
breaking in were carrying homemade bombs, explosives, and flammable liquids,
and that one of the bombs went off, causing a chain reaction.  But he said
even this doesn't make sense for some reasons, I don't remember the reasons
exactly, just that it was the most likely thing.  He said the only witnesses
were a few really drunk people and weren't of much use, and that the victims
couldn't be identified, so it would just be ignored with a "most likely
scenario."  Slightly after that, I moved to a different house to avoid the
unwanted attention, and b'cos of the damage.  The thing that struck me as
strange was that at best, there was only a small crack in the front window, if
it had been a series of bombs it would have at least blown in the window and
done more damage to the house (I think).