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Library: warning, part 3


Author: Lum
Date:Aug 5 1998

  Things like this tend to make me -- make anyone -- genuinely confused and
bit perturbed and anxious.  It's a mystery, pure and simple.  But, I obliged
just to ignore, I'd move to another house in a better neighborhood.  And just
leave it at that.
  I had hoped that Duncan person would pop up again, but he didn't.  He was
the only person who might be able to explain about Lan.  Anyways, I asked her
about the incident again and just got these shrugs.  But occasionally, she'd
insist "I don't like fighting" and leave it at that.  
  Once, I asked her "So you fought those people?"  She had nodded, but refused
to say anything else.  
  I spent a little time trying to find witnesses, since it made an awful lot
of noise and someone whould have seen something.  But, I didn't find anything
usefull.  When pepole hear gunshots they tend to cower and run away, rather
than watch.  Plus it was night.
  After that, I had to handle moving.  So, I moved into another house with a
nice, large yard.  But quite a bother to move everything that far.
  One of Mika's friends brothers had this "Van", and he happened to be nearby
so we used this.  But, Mika forgot to tell me the guy was a little "wierd", as
in "on the edge".  When Lan saw the "NRA" bumper stickers on the van, with
some of the dumb NRA mottos, she said "Nn nn" and wouldn't get near it.  I
tried to get her to take the "BART" (Bay Area Rapid Transit) but she refused
this also.  I had to resort to getting her to follow me while I ran there. 
For someone who did nothing but sit around all day, she was in quite good
shape.  It took me about 4 hours to get to the new house with her, by that
time everyone else had dropped off most of the stuff there.
  I did talk to Lan a bit more.  I asked her about her life in general, her
parents, her family, anything I could think of.  But she kept insisting
pointless things like "it doesn't matter."  Or "I don't care."
  Also, I began to notice occasionally she'd just leave, but never talked
about where she was visiting.  And she'd always be back within a few hours. 
When I asked her where, she just aid "out".  Still, she didn't really eat a
whole lot, or mess up anything or such, wasn't much of a burder on me or
anyone else.  So I just let her hang around still.  I didn't think much of it,
all I thought is that she must have been a runaway kid.
  Later, I found out about this.  (WARNING!!!  You have been warned).  It was
kinda strange.  One of Duncan's friends was some kind of network pervert and
had a web-site Lan had found.  She used my computer apparently.  There was a
picture of her there (it said her name, that's how she found it) and it had
been doctored to look like she was naked.  She had gotten so upset about it
that she had made my kid take pictures of her naked, and then sent the guy
those pictures to use instead o the doctored ones.  This is how I found out
about this.  Even though it's sick, I think it deserves comment.
  Not only did my kid tell me beforehand, but she asked me for some money so
she could get stamps.  Though I didn't know at that time what she was using
the stamps for, so I couldn't stop her.  She told me that Lan told her to
write something like "The pictures of me at are obvoiusly
doctored.  Please replace them with these real pictures I had a friend take of
myself.  Thank you."
  And after that, Lan seemed very happy for a while.  "I just don't get it", I
explained to her, "why did you do that?"  She rplied that she felt like it,
and so she did it.
Fortunately, nothing bad ended up happening.  I tried notifying "child
protective services", and a few other enforcement people, but I don't think
any of this had any effect.  Within a week of when I'd figured out what had
happened, the site disappeared, and one of my friends said a notable "internet
porn distributor" got booked around this time.  Never foiund out anything else
about this.  (WARNING!!!  end)
  The only other thing taht stands out in my mind is this.  I asked her how
she could be in such good shape when all she ever did was lay there, about the
Duncan guy, the way he'd been continually beaten on by her for 30 minutes,
some of which I'd seen, and didn't seem too hurt.
  Before, she'd always been completely nonchalant, just giving a meaningless
response and passing over it.  This time she insisted "I'm special.  It's not
normal."  And afterwords, she dismissed it.  
  I asked if Duncan was special too, and she replied, "Kinda, but not really."

  The next part, again, was violent.  I was fully moved into the new house.  I
was playing out back with my kid.  Lan just suddenly ran off, hopping a gate
and running into the front yard.  We'll, it wasn't that abnormal for her, I
thought, often times she'd just run off like that..  But then I heard yelling
so I ran out there two.
  She was fighting with three street punks, tallish guys dressed identically. 
It wasn't a standardized uniform, but they did all look alike.  I was alarmed,
but I charged into the mess anyways to grab the nearest guy.  But he was
knoced down, and when I finally did trip and grab another one, she glanced at
me while kicking a downed guy in the head (while he was prone).  The last guy
hit her a few times, at least one of which was solid, but she barely even
flinched.  When he finally noticed me, the seemed to have only cared about
Lan, he turned and Ran.  But Lan stepped up right behind him and hit the side
of his head (temple) with her open hand.  I remember the way his head was
knocked to one side, and then he fell down.  The whole thing had taken a bit
long for a fight, less than 10 seconds but still more than 5.
  One guy was yelling his head off, yelling for his mom, etc.  I told my kid
to call the police.  Lan did take a quick glance at the guys, and then walked
over to the yeller.  As far as the rest, the guy she had chopped from behind
had his neck broken, and you could see fragments of his skull portruding from
his skin, which was beginning to bleed.  One was face down and writhing, the
other had blood coming from his upper body.  The yeller was face up, looking
at the sky.  I suppose I tend to remember the things that are most disturbing
best.  There were also two onlookers, but I only then noticed them, they
hadn't participated in the fight at all and were just looking on from a
distance.  I tried to get them to call the police also, but they didn't seem
very attentive.
  Lan kicked the yeller numerous times, but she seemed to pause between each
kick and each kick was well placed.  The guy tried to curl up into a fetal
position, so she pinned him and spread him out.  She was brutal, pounding the
guy in the chest (open hand), etc.  He did hit her once, which made her grab
the arm, use it to pick him up, and then force him back down.  Once she'd
broken it, she pinned him again and sat on him, staring at his face.  He
started yelling again.  I couldn't help but to just watch.  When he yelled for
his "mommy" again, it enraged Lan.  She brought her hand down on his windpipe
multiple times, and when that was crushed she walked away and left him alone.
  When the cops finally did show up a while later, I asked one of them if he
thought I should move again.  He said no, it's an okay area, it's just as safe
as anywhere else.  The cop asked me if I had any enemies or thought it was
racially motivated (all four punks were white) and I told him nah, they
attacked Lan first.  
  At first the cops were a bit alarmed, they told me 4 guys, on the ground,
already dead or dying.  And how can a girl like me, and Lan (who got out of
the shower) kill four guys in something like that.  I think he was just taking
it personally.  I told his partner, you know, these things happen, deal with
it.  Just count your blessings no one was hurt and move on.  Even though none
of the guys was alive enough, multiple ambulences arrived and carted them
away.  I think one cop was trying to come onto me, told me I should teach
their martial-arts training.  I lectured him that MA is not about fighting and
then walked away.  Lan had already left by then, she seemed indifferent.
  Lan was a bit disturbed when I asked her about her parents / mom, and why
she got enraged when that guy begged for his mommy.  She said she never had a
"mommy", and left it at that.
  After I put some food on the stove, I went back to Lan, she was in my room
playing "Magical Drop 2" (a video-game).  I tryed to talk to her again, but
she was so involved in the game she just ignored me.  When she was done, I
asked her, "Who were those people?"
  Her answer was "Punks.  But not my type."  I asked her a few more questions,
she said they were "weird" and admitted a lot of people "don't like her." 
When I asked how many people wanted to kill her, she just shrugged and started
another game.  
  As if that wasn't enough, for the next week my kid was re-enacting parts of
the "big fight".  She was kicking the bed, pounding on pillows, etc.  I think
she saw most of the whole thing, which can be traumatic for her.

  This next part is rather complicated.  And it should have an extra warning.
YOU MIGHT GET OFFENDED!!!  Okay you have been warned.
  One thing that has to be unstood is that a long-lasting relationship always
goes 2 ways.  My cop "friend" said he was feeling a bit "pushed around" lately
and asked that I meet him.  He was, of course, looking for another favor.
  I met the guy down at a resturant near the courthouse.  I remember him
asking how my kid was and then saying okay, good when I told him she was fine
as ever.
  This guy didn't chit-chat, he never did.  He quickly pulled out some
envelopes with pictures and started showing them to me.  "No, I don't
recognize him", I answered.  Kinda dirty-looking guy with a long, brown curly
hair, a mustache, white, average porportions and height.
  The guy, explained the cop, was a serial rapist.  He'd raped young "asian"
girls, one barely out of high school.  He'd been caught once before, but only
for "attempted" and he had immunity from some kind of "diplomat" from South
  He told me the thing that got this guy "hot" (wanted) was when he raped his
list victim, a cop's wife.  As he left the scene, she'd shot him in the ass. 
So he said cops really want to bring this guy to justice, but that they know
he'd just get deported to South Africa, tryed there and get off with nothing. 
Cops had tried to think up some way to gaurantee "a clean shoot" at him
but couldn't w/o at least some risk to someone.
  So he wanted me to do this setup.  I'd get him to try to rape me, and then
shoot him in self-defense.  But I refused, b'cos I didn't want to kill the
guy.  I told the cop to get me a drop-gun with a laser-sight like in that
movie, so I could aim.  And I made him promise to get me everything he could -
tax records, DMV info, etc. on that Duncan guy and his family (earlier).
  The plan we came up with was to have me pose as a FEDEX delivery-person and
after giving him a package, to ask for a glass of water and come inside.  If
he tryed anything "inappropiate", then I'd shoot him.  Cops would be hiding
out outside and rush in.
  I asked if they were certain this was their guy and he said yeah, relatively
the guy's been missing (even South Africa can't account for him lately) and
this guy seems to walk funny, just moved in, had the same face (shaved his
beard and cut his hair short), etc.  Come to think of it, the guy did bare a
slight resemblence to Duncan (in the pictures), maybe he was a distant
realtive or something.
  So we did this the next day.  I got the guy to sign for a package, and then
asked if I could come inside to get some water.  The guy didn't seem flustered
at all, which maybe he should've been if he was supposed to be "in hiding" (If
a package was being delivered, it meant...)  he said sure and I went inside. 
As I began to fill the glass, he grabbed me sure enough.  So I dropped the
glasss and threw him off me.
  As he regained my balance, I quickly sidekicked him, knocking him into a
  I took out the gun, and quickly aimed at the guy's balls and shot 3 times. 
The guy fell right down and started bleeding all over, but cops were inside in
10 seconds with the paramedics.  They dragged the guy off and promptly left,
as did I.  That was all really, my cop friend said I was "a really twisted
bitch", to do that, and that the guy lived but he was in a lot of pain and
paralyzed from the legs down.  I got a "letter of commedation" from the DA's
office and a few other goodies.  I got tons of envelopes filled with mostly
useless shit on Duncan -- mostly tax forms.  And everyone that was a cop in
the city was real happy with me, etc.
  A few days later, I got even more shit about Duncan, family, relatives with
a record, etc., than I'd asked for.  The only interesting thing was one
relative of his, a cousin.  I think.  The guy was a serial murderer who'd been
brought in for murdering young girls.  I started looking at the pictures of
his victims (sickening) and they all reminded me of Lan.
  I showed them to Lan and she insisted she didn't know anything about it. or
"those other dead people".  So this seemed a bit fishy -- one of Duncan's
cousin murdered numerous girls, all that look like her.  He had a serious
fetish for her?  Or he was trying to kill her?  Or he liked girls who looked
like her?  Or hated them?
  I asked the cops who brought this guy in and they said he was a real "head
case".  They tried to talk to him but he'd babble on endlessly, mostly
repeating bible verses from revelations.  So they just had to ignore him and
lock him up.  He was serving a life sentence (a real life sentence, no
possibility of parole).