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Library: weapons and harmony


Author: Lum
Date:Aug 5 1998

  A lot of this is no longer believed by most poeple.

  A true understanding of weapons fighting or combat requires "harmony"
between the weapon you.  The reasons for this can be demonstrated in this
simple experiment.  A nunchuka, even a toy one (if you don't have real ones)
will suffice.  The weapon is, in a sense, like an "elbow".  As you swing it
through the air, sometimes it's straight, and sometimes it's 'bent'.  So, as
you hold this and swing it around (be careful!  Don't hurt yourself) you must
treat it like an extension of your own arm.  As it bends, bend your own elbow
and wrist in the same way. As it straightens out, straighten out your own arm.
 Now, try some other ways (like the reverse of this).  Don't you see the

  This is what is meant by "harmony".  The weapon and you must act like one
thing.  It makes no sense for the nunchuka to be bent in an 'L' shape and for
your arm to be perfectly straight.  "Harmony" tends toward subtle and gradual
changes, not abrupt ones.  It much prefers circles to squares.  If you move
your  arm "with" the nunchuka, to form a circle, you will get much better
results with this weapon.  It is just something you have to try to understand
fully, I can't explain that anymore here.

  So the problem is this.  Take most commen weapons in use today.  For
instance, a gun, sword, knife, club, or whatever.  These things don't even
move.  They don't change state.  So how can I be in harmony with that.  If
fighting with a sword, I obviously can't copy the nunchuka method and keep my
arm straight all the time.