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Library: analysis and commentary


Author: Ran
Date:Oct 10 1997

This is an analysis of the catalog items, both the old favorites (what I think
is most useful) and the newer (first-offered) items.

  This is dangerous.  I do not buy this "Compensates for poor accuracy with
high rate of fire and large-area effect."  Also the design is bad, it looks
like it could jam.

  It's hard to say about this.  But if you want a launcher, this looks like
the best one (better than 12-3-169).  Again, be sure to clean the barrel
regularly and after use, to prevent jamming and muck buildup.

  I still don't think it works.  The dumb little "happy balls" didn't work 15
years ago, they didn't work 5 years ago, and they aren't going to work today. 
It's a dead and dumb concept, I don't know why they don't just give up.

  Who knows?  Why you'd want a dumb little commemorative cup beats me.  This
is just an ordinary cup with a dumb logo on it.

  Again, I just don't get it.  What's wrong with a phone that has a cord on
it.  The ones without cords just never quite work right.

  "Happy super-hot chewy balls" all I can say is that if you're human you
better not eat these or feed them to anyone else.  You might think it's a
funny joke, but it's a good way to make lifetime enemies.