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Library: Welwood vs Kelloggs II


Author: Welwood
Date:Oct 9 2002

Dear Mr. Welwood Cuteness,

Enclosed is the free sample of our grape jelly as you requested. I apologize
personally for the misunderstanding, but again I need to insist that it is our
company's opinion that there is no need for us to include a warning regarding
our product. It is generally understood that our products are not for any
other use beyond normal consumption.  On a more personal note, may I suggest
that you look towards other types of "jellies" for any "adult usage" needs
that you might have. As I'm sure you can understand, it is implicitly implied
that our food products are not for any of the uses that you graphically
described to me in the past 4 letters, and I would appreciate it if in the
future you would kindly refrain from such graphic descriptions. Suffice to
say, once you begin to enjoy our products in the manner with which they were
intended to be used, your satisfaction with both our product line and our
company will improve greatly. As per our phone conversations, I must reiterate
that our company cannot be held liable for any usage of our products in any
incorrect manner and that I hope you and your cat feel better in the future. 

Warmest regards, 

Diane Mertucci C.S.S. Kellogg's Inc.