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Library: Why I dislike


Author: Sylow
Date:Nov 18 1997

At the time of this writing (oct 1997, have made a few minor changes since
then), I'm lvl 28 with a total worth of 1.3 megs and 18 days of age. As can be
seen, I'm in no hurry making exp; I think that exploring the mud without any
external help (i.e. Dryad's web pages) is _WAY_ more fun. Making your own maps
and notes, trying to kill monsies the worth of which you don't know in advance
(except what consider tells you), reading room descriptions and figuring out
what to type in certain places really gets you hooked in playing.

The problem is that newbies don't seem to be much interested in exploring the
mud because everybody uses Dryad's pages. I've often tried to form a party to
find out some monsie worths or to explore some area with a blocking monsie
which i can't solo. Either no one has been interested, or all I've managed to
get is some maroon-using idiots. Some examples of the latter follows:

I once got another tank and one healer to explore the Mythical Valley with me.
I had been there once before in the very beginning of my mud career but hadn't
mapped it back then. Remembering that there were relatively hard monsies in
the area, I was happy about having help with me, in particular players who
hadn't been there before.

It turned out, however, that the other members' thoughts about exploring
differed from mine a bit. When we got there, the tank asked if he could lead
because he had a printed map in front of him. The healer did use maroon as
well, and together with the tank they kept telling me the monsie worths as we
encountered them. I was very disappointed and pissed.

Another time, when i had found a new area after a fair deal of searching work,
I took a party with me to find out the worths of some monsies I couldn't solo.
There was one member who began asking the area's dirs and monsie worths even
before we got there. His style of asking things made me quite suspicious, and
it turned out that he used to pay Dryad for quest infos etc., and would
certainly have posted every info about the area to Dryad right away. Pissed
again, I arranged us all a fast ride to city (through hell).

Nowadays the pages annoy me even more, because it's very difficult for me to
explore any more as solo, and I haven't managed to find but a few players
interested in old-times style exploring without using the pages.

Of course the lack of exploration company is just one thing. Normally, the
more you explore, the more not-so-well-known suffeli (tm) areas you know, and
thus get advantages in expmaking as well. Currently, however, it seems that
every area is crowded no matter where you go. In addition, because the pages
contain so much information, it's too easy for all kinds of short-brained
asshole ego-bastards who really don't have a clue to rule too much, too fast.

Just think about how the mud would be like if the pages had never existed.
First of all, the amount of players would be far more less and the quality far
more better, because all the currently active webmorons prolly wouldn't have
the patience to find out things by themselves. Second, I surely wouldn't have
such a hard time finding fellow explorers :P

Dryad and Klerris (and other pro-page players) keep saying that the pages are
there only to "help newbies getting started" and that "you don't have to use
them if you don't want to". While they might think that they're helping
newbies, they're also totally ruining my kind of players' game and, imo, the
mud in general. Moreover, I consider helping newbies getting started to be
something else than uncovering almost everything there is to know.

Enuff said for now. More whine will be added when I feel like it again.

Thank you for reading,