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Library: And so it Begins, A Lost Times Tale.


Author: Yari
Date:Nov 2 1995

"Tell me a store, Yari ;)"
"Hmm, a store, eh?"  I pondered a moment, looking out over the 
waves, shielding my eyes against the blight glare from the sun.  "I 
assume you mean a story, my marble-mouthed friend..."
We chuckled, pausing a moment to admire the sea birds that always 
fly so near to a passing ship.  "Yes, a store, indeed, it is curious 
how the mind works, that simple slip of the tongue reminds me of a 

  Once there was a large and talented man.  His talents all lay in 
inventing.  He was creative and dextrous, a combination that allowed  him to
create many things, items that the average person would need.
  Always something of a hermit, he lived outside a small(but 
growing!  as the new mayor would say) village, never much paying 
attention to the new local population.  He went about, solving 
problems in his own life, making tools and kits that could be used 
for a wide variety of tasks until one day, a somewhat homely 
man(indeed, it was widely rumored that he had some ogreish blood 
running in his veins) who was new to the area, happened upon him as 
he was hard at work with one of his tools, and said "Hello, good 
man.  Please, tell me, what is that tool used for?  It is most 
curious in appearance!"
  "Why, it's a simple device," said our inventor, quite pleased that 
anyone at all was interested in one of his 'crazy inventions'(as the 
local nay-sayers labelled them), "it can take average meat and pack 
it into this compact metal container, for long-term storage."  He 
tossed a strange cylinder of metal to the man.  "I call them, for 
lack of a better term, 'tins'.  I suppose not the most original 
name, but it suits them, wouldn't you agree?" 
  The unsightly man grinned in agreement.  "I must say, sir, that 
this tinning process is quite ingenious!  Might I purchase the 
apparatus to make my own tins?  A tool like this could serve me 
well, I think!"
  So, this tinker, he thought a moment, smiled, and said "Sure, 
here, take it, for free, since you like it.  Never had anyone show 
so much interest in my hobbies, I must say, thank you for your 
  The buyer considered this and accepted the kit graciously.  
"Here," he said, holding a scrap of vellum out to the tinker.  "I 
can be reached at the location shown on this small map.  I am new to 
town, and intend to stay.  If you ever wish to sell these kits on a 
more organized basis, let me know, I have capital to invest in a man 
such as yourself." 
  The tinker accepted the paper, thanked the man again, and bade him 
farewell.  He nearly forgot the entire encounter.
  Until, some years later, a great famine struck the land.  Now, our 
tinker, he was quite prepared, with these tins of his, he could 
weather a basic famine.  The world at large, that was a different 
  He was known in town as a generous and simple man, and soon people 
were asking him for food.  "Hopo, my good man," they would say, "do 
you have any tins to spare?"
  Well, hopo, being a kind sort, never turned them away.  Soon, he 
realized that he was nearly out of food, himself. 
  Villagers kept coming to ask for food, and he would turn them 
away.  "No, I am sorry, I cannot feed you any longer.  I must 
conserve what I have, so that I am able to survive!"  He would say, 
all the while feeling terribly guilty that he was unable to assist 
these folk.  
  His friends, such as they were, became angry, they thought he was 
being greedy, witholding some great cache of food.  They became more 
and more demanding, until, one day, poor old asidonhopo lost his 
temper.  "FINE," he shouted, over the din of a crowd that was 
clamoring outside his very abode.  "If you want food, go make it 
yourself!  I have these kits, you are all perfectly capable of 
making your own damned food!"
  The townspeople grinned and surged forward to snatch the kits!  
Old Hopo jumped in front of them and stopped them with a glare(Old 
Hopo was quite burly, indeed.  one glare was enough to stop nearly 
anyone.)  "NO, you are all to learn a lesson!" he roared, "If you 
wish to have one of my kits, you will have to pay for them!  No more 
will I put up with your grabbing and demanding with no reward!"
  The townsfolk appeared a bit guilty, and the rattle of 
changepurses began.  Hopo sold all his kits save one, his personal 
  That evening, after the folk had dispersed, Hopo pondered the 
day's events.  He remembered the man who had so long ago asked him 
to sell his inventions, and decided that the time had come.  No 
longer could he live on charity, it had gotten him nowhere.  He 
contacted the man from so long ago, and told him of his plight, 
inviting him to come to his house to discuss possible business 
  The man returned, dressed in the finery of the extremely wealthy.  
"Hopo," he said, "from your generousity from so long ago, I have 
profited greatly.  With my kit, I too stockpiled tins aplenty!  
However, unlike you, I have been selling my foods, so I am quite 
rich now."
  "I received your message about your situation, and my offer still 
stands, but I'd like to alter it a bit.  In return for your great 
generousity so long ago, I shall give you the money to start your 
own store, no strings attached!  Now, shall we begin working out 
details?" He flashed a grin(A handsome grin! His teeth were not only 
clean, but straighter!  He was wealthy indeed!) and they began to 
work out the details of Asidonhopo's new store.
  After a long night of work, and a sumptuous meal of Haggis and 
fine drink, the last details were set.  Construction could begin at 
any time.  They stood, and Asidonhopo thanked the man.  "Joe," he 
said, "any time you need a new kit, be sure to drop by, I will 
always have one for you, you know that..."  Then, with a grin, "By 
the way, the haggis needs some salt!"  Joe chuckled, and, with that, 
they parted company.
  To this day Asidonhopo and Joe are the most prominent businessmen 
in all the lands.

I paused a moment, somewhat lost to the world, as I usually am after 
recounting tales of the old times.  The sun had set, and the sky was 
at my favorite point, when the purples and blacks are overtaking the 
last bit of orange. 
"That's quite a tale, Y.  Someday you ought write it down for all to 
enjoy, you know."
I laughed.  "Me, write a book, indeed..."  Hmm, perhaps, perhaps.