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Library: Wizards are not evil


Author: Bisqwit
Date:May 16 2002

Theory of suffering

Most of the best stories of today follow the same path.
And so does this MUD.
My theory of this path is called the theory of increasing suffering.
What this means here in BatMUD, is that this mud is always hard and
painful, but the players get used to it. So wizards make it more painful
and cause more suffering. And this repeats until no end.
This is the path of increasing suffering.
Always when things look tolerable and life starts looking nice, things
*must* go worse. That's what makes life interesting. You must struggle.
Whining is part of the game, but it always diminishes over the time,
until the next step of suffering.
Think about it. The wizards are making the game interesting for you.
All the talk about flowermuds... If there was no challence, where
would this game be now? Bear your punishments with pride to be
part of the most interesting MUD in the world!