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Library: Wrath of underestimated


Author: Lurkku
Date:Dec 2 2002

From the hellish flames of Hell Samo could see a shadow rising. It rose higher
and he just could not take his eyes from it. He started to feel more scared
than ever before! The creature is totally white. It Smiles his wicked smile
and wags his fluffy tail. This demon notices Samo and starts to rapidly lick
his lips with his thin tongue. It starts to jump with his two big legs like
waiting for something to happen. Now Samo is sure it's not up to anything
good. Demons ears trembled and Samoa saw that this creature is listening
carefully. Samoa decided that it's time to run!

Samo had time to take about three steps before the creature started to chase
him. Its nostrils were vibrating and its jumps were getting longer and more
furious. Samo felt how darkness crept over him. This is the end he thought.
Why had he come to this place.

Samo opened his eyes. Someone was hitting his face. "Wake up." said a woman
clad in white and red. "What is it?" asked Samo. "Where am I?". Woman smiled
but didn't answer. She just leaved him to rest. Samo was bit muddled. He kept
asking from himself: "What had happened?". He looked around the room and saw
two other humanoids in bloody bandages and long cuts in their faces. 'They
look like they were ran over by a dragon.' Samo thought. Then he saw a window
and trough it he saw a beautiful garden. "Am I in heaven?" Then he saw the
sign. The sign said: WELCOME TO THE GRADIOUS UNIVERSITY! (University of
healing and good deeds).

After few days when the two gents had woke up too they started to talk about
what had took part. Bard of the group remembered that they were walking on a
road to city of Horemolien when they had encountered a little and fluffy
bunny. All had thought that this would be a great lunch. So they attacked the
bunny or at least had tried. When they had drawn the swords the bunny had
smiled and attacked them. It had killed two of the group by slicing their
throats with it's tiny teeth, few by casting some kind of cloud with poisonous
and acidic vapors. Rest it just left to die. It seemed somehow people here at
the university had felt the need of the adventurers and had time to summon
them to here.

As they kept them selves in high value as a warriors of good they made a
devilish plan how to get even with this mean bunny. They decided to raise a
party as big as a small army to kill this unearthly creature. After few months
they had raised "army" as big as ten adventurers and sell-swords. On that
cloudy day they decided to leave from the safe haven they had been cured and
go and slay this demon-like-creature.

They didn't need to search for that bunny for long. There it was at the same
place it had been last time. Feasting with it self with old bones. It eyes
started to gleam and foam burbled out of it's mouth. "It's now or never!"
Screamed Soma and charged at the bunny. He didn't live many seconds and on
seeing this everybody else just stood still. They were too frightened to move
when they saw what the bunny did to Samo. They did not even think about
fighting when they saw Samo eyeless and legless screaming in a puddle of
blood. Some of them tried to flee some of them just stood still eyes fixed on
the terrible scene of violence and mayhem. None except one was able leave that
place alive. That was the bard. The bard had gained some wisdom after last
fight and the stayed bit further away than the rest. He saw how the bunny
shrugged all magics, all blows from swords and it deflected every arrow. Not
even the mage could out live the coarse bunny by casting protective spells and
calling wrath of gods upon the bunny.

According to the tale of the bard the bunny is still there waiting for a lone
adventurers and bands of so called brave warriors. If you happen to be of
adventurous kind keep your guard up and don't approach any fluffy bunnies
without caution!