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Author: Miyuu
Date:Apr 14 1999

I write this one final book.

This is my sole reason for leaving.  Some of you may have kids or fall in love
and such, and discover something that you can choose over "logging on" here. 
But most that have kids will choose this place over them and mistreat and
abuse them.  Most that fall in love will choose this place over (her) and she
will say "no way" and dump you.

I do not wish to encourage either of these things.  1) There are enough kids
like Lan out there already, 2) there are enough relationship that end
painfully already.  I would be perfectly happy if everyone here were to
isolate themselves from reality and have nothing to do with it at all.

B'cos people do try to leave here can't and eventually come back, trying to
get anyone to leave can only encourage more failure and despair.

A  "virtual world" can not bring out the best in people.  It is the strength
of humanity to endure _anything_ and to come out of it and to maintain hope
and to grow stronger.  It is only by the strength of people and character that
(we) are able to protect, feel for, and sometimes fight for what is most dear
to us.

What is here is filled with weakness and decadance.  People have made (it) a
way of life to "log on".  Maybe you can say "I am not 'one of them'", out
loud, but you can not really, honestly, believe or know that.  You can't.  You
are here just like everyone else here.

And to the few who have expressed discontent at my plans to have _nothing_ to
do with anyone here, I'm flattered you consider me this important.  But this
only furthers my own vision that maybe (esp. these people) have no
perspective.  All I can say to these people is _do not insist I am so
important to you when you cannot choose me over this place and everything this
place in involves_.