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Library: ~ For Morgause ~


Author: Klerris
Date:Mar 23 1997

What do you say to unreciprocation?
I beg for the longing to cease,
It's too far apart.
I've fallen hard,
Fallen deep,
Fallen into something only i have dug.
What do you say to unjustification?
I try to climb out,
Climb out of the grave digger of my heart,
Climb out of you.

I'm trapped in your gaze which I have never seen,
Lost in a devotion that can only plead,
Drowned in a hole of self worth which has no bounds,
Awash in a memory vision of you, in mere pictures of you.

Where do I proceed from here?
How do I find my way when all direction is lost to hopeless
conjuring of willful dreams?
How do I say it all?
How do I tell the story made through age?

Where do I belong?

Here with what I feel through the confusion,
Everywhere it should be, I am blind,
Fumbling desperately for a grasp on what believes
itself to be true.
No help from me.
No help from me.

Swirling knots cloud it all,
Patterns of you lost in the forest of devotion,
It is me.
With no help from me.

Lost in the forest, alone.
My eyes see what they should not,
Alone, again.

I remember you from a dream I once had,
Alone in a forest, alone.
Lost again.

Sing me your favourite song,
Cover me in your light,
I can't be wrong,
Can't be wrong.

Dance around my fiery gaze,
Show me what it should all say.
Take this cloud from me,
Guide me through the forest.

'Morgause' copyright Klerris '97..

This is to try and explain what I need to say, hope you read it.