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Library: Aphro babbles on and on


Author: Aphro
Date:Jan 27 1996

I am writing this book in no order or for no reason.  I was reading some
shitty news posts and decided to jot down some of my thoughts.  I could be
studying now so listen to what I put my time into :).  When you read this
realize this is just my thoughts and if anything is incorrect I don't really
care.  Don't tell me I am an idiot or somthing I said was wrong.  Okay here it
is, a book about not much of anything but bat stuff.

A friend of mine told me about BatMUD 3 years ago I think...maybe a little
less.  I had never Muded before.  I did not know what to expect.  So I dialed
onto his account and on a slow 2400 baud modem logged into WVnet (where I used
to live)  He had to tell me everything I needed to type, like at the dollar
sign to type telnet pallika or what ever the address was back then.  By the
way this friend of mine is Aryhn.  

So I get on BatMUD.  As I said I didn't know what to expect.  He even walked
me through how to create my character.  Of course I had played D&D before so I
decided not knowing much of anything to be an elven thief, Aries was my name
(if you remember me as an asshole remember I was a newbie and did not know
what I was doing) So in the thief guild I looked around, typed search a lot of
times.  Anyway I did not even know about studying/training skills. I knew how
to use bat command though.  Anyway I found my way outside the closet and
wandered around, I heard people talking (like on bat/sales/ect) and I thought
they were in the room with me, but I did not see them!
I did not understand the concept that those people were not in the room with
me,  I mean I can hear them talking, whats going on?! Anway I am a level 1/1
thief with 30k xp on me and find my way outside the city.  I ran into a
panther or somthing and got killed.  At the time I did not know the person who
offered to ress me (I wish I could remember who it was) was not in the room
with me. He relocated to me I think but I did not understand.  Anyway he
finally ressed me and I killed a bunch of stuff and just kept the exp on me.

I must have had 300k+ on me and did not do anything with it.  I would just
whine and bitch on bat for people to give me a weapon and would go hack away
at thing, I do not remember what.  Shalak I think his name was gave me a
Gleaming sword I think it was, he also gave me some armour.  Anyway he awhy I
was still level 1.  Well I didn't know where or how to advance.  He showed me
and told me how to get to the guild warp room.  I got level 9 or 10 I think
and then went to the thief guild, don't think I trained anything besides
backstab to like 10%, anyway I joined Paladins (Paladin thief I know :)  Aries
was fucked up to say the least.  I pissed people off for a while as Aries and
created Maliki.  (That name will set off a few sparks too I bet)  

Okay this is a funny part.  I was a merchant in the begining, I got level 5/5
or somthing and the lag was picking up.  Commands were taking like 4-5 mins to
register.  Bolo was saying he was going to leave some good eq at cs.  And
remembering where cs was I went there and got it (I knew boots of dexterity or
boots of speed maybe? Where there, also a necro staff and some other good
shit) I went to the lux armoury and sold half of it, then I tried to sell some
on sales after lag had passed.  I got a lot of good offers, then Bolo figured
it out and Isimazku summoned me to his castle and casted disintergrate at me
and got it all back.  

I bitched for a while and Quadra and Isimazku got me like 500k xp and Bolo
gave me 50k gold.  To a level 5 newbie back in mid 20/20 system that was
great.  So things slowed down for me for a while and I met Griffers friend
um...that ranger guy I forget his name....Malikis castle is next to whee his
used to be. (Thinking) Started with an S....Anyway if your a Highbee you know
who I am talking about.  (HE wized and got dested I remember) HE got me a room
in his castle and I would repear eq and prot his eq.  Finally I reinced to
ranger, not sure how powerful I was but was worth 10M (more than I am now) 
Well I loved the idea of reincing and did it a little too much (was never
worth more than 10M since then at 20/20 system)  Habib and Dollarbill came
around and I became friends with them, also Shades came around.  Habib $bill
and I fucked around a bit, then I became a Shaman and dicked around as one
too.  Was all pretty fun.  I became friends with Xymbarg too.  I had just sent
away cash for tps.  No one liked Maliki, not even Habib or $bill anymore. Some
time aroudn then Habib and some other dude got dested (I won't say why, you
shoudl know if your more than a piece of shit newbie :) Anyway Del came along
soon after and was sorta his friend,  $bill left and Limit came around too. 
Del, Limit and Shades were good friends I remember.

I decided to make a new character, Aphro.  Xymbarg helped me get 6M of xp in
the first day I was Aphro (Necromancers ruled back then) That was about all he
got me for a while, he always had some excuse not to help me (its try Xymbarg
if your reading this :) I was a necro then and could control 1 of his undeads
at a time and could solo alright.  Got sick of it and reinced to Arakornis
monks.  It was pretty cool for 2 weeks and then THE conversion came around. 
Played a little of Mia mud for the 4 months Bat was down.  

When we got back everything kinda sucked.  Xymbarg was not around and wasn't
for a few more weeks.  I forget what I was back then (think just a plain
Fighter)  Lockmare (another friend of mine) gave me some cash for a castle and
I got some shit from some other people. And since then I was a Nun for a
while, Cleric for a bit and of course a thief >:)  Got real pissed at all the
downgrades and have notplayed that much in a while. PLayed a lot as a ranger
and a Nun I remember, Perin and I moved into Seasides castle and when Perin 
was suposed to leave for Japan I got all his figs.  Well I moved into my own

Being thief was fun,  if you guys remember me fucking you guys over a few
times it just sucks for you :) Well not much but a SHITload of downgrades and
changed since then.  I quit BatMUD seriously a while ago and play ZombieMUD
now.  It is not as good as old bat in that it doesn't have the old areas I
liked so much.  But I get to play NEcromancer so It is alright.  

(THIS IS NOT THE WHOLE STORY)  If I feel like writing more I might.  I did
leave out me being an IK and some cool stories with me Del and Limit.  But
maybe another time.