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Library: hollow story


Author: daran
Date:Mar 10 2003

The inside of the world is hollow, you know.

A group of travelers was happily exploring some deep tunnels looking 
for some lost artifact. Suddenly darkness surrounded them. All the 
lights they had, had somehow magically been extinguished. Just a couple 
of seconds ago they were all carrying magical lights. Now they had fallen 
into an ambush.

The travelers had just arrived to a t-intersection and the enemy was 
there waiting. The attackers were well adapted to the darkness and they 
were many and some of them rode some kind of lizards with covered eyes.
These creatures were some strange grey humanoids with no eyes and our 
heroes had no idea how they targeted their prey.

With no sound the first wave of opponent was upon them waving their 
scimitars swinging at warrior known as Togaz and pirate duelist Rubinia. 
Behind these two fighters were hobbit rogue Zarisya and human sneak Caius 
and barbarian Velorion.

It was hopeless - they could not run without light and their enemies were 
too many. They were not ready to fight in the dark either. Still, at first 
the brave companions kept their lines and held the enemy back, even slaying 
two of them. Realizing the strength of this hammer wielding tanned warrior 
and the nimbleness of the pirate the eyeless opponents changed tactics. The 
two first riders took off their mounts' eye covers revealing their glowing 
eyes. Thats when it hit them - the lizards they were riding were basilisks!

"Aargh, flee! I'll hold them!" yelled the warrior Togaz and charged slamming 
his warhammer straight towards the skull of one unlucky opponent. Too late - 
the eyebeams had already hit unfortunate Velorion. Sadly he turned into a 
stone - leaving a statue of raging foaming barbarian ready to cleave his big 
axe into his opponent.

Zarisya and Rubinia quickly turned and disappeared into the darkness. Caius 
went stubbornly forward rolling under one of the lizards and jumping behind 
a rider backstabbing it with two gleaming daggers in hands. Someone in the 
darkness mumbled something that seemed like a prayer. Caius was paralyzed! 
Togaz was still standing looking for an opening in the lines, since now he 
was surrounded by enemy forces constantly getting scimitar cuts. The two 
remaining combatants did not find escape.

Rubinia and Zarisya dashed and stumbled for a long time and got away. Still 
they were lost in some crazy cavern, hungry and hurt. Between some stones 
they rested for unknown time. They woke up hearing echoes of a flute play. 
What they never found out was that the flutes were actually made from their 
friends bones.