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Library: Idling for Dummies


Author: ssmud
Date:Mar 24 2003

things people come to play for, but others, they have something different on
their mind, and that is, Idling.

When preparing to idle, you have to put yourself in a  state of mind which
tells everyone and their mom to fuck off. Because, you  see, when you're idle,
you no longer exist. You only might exist to make rude  comments, and
ress/rais people if you happen to be a tarm. Durin your idle  state you will
have complete freedom to do anything outside of the mud in what  is called,
"life". However, if you participate in too many mud activities, you  will
begin to exist again, thus breaking down the idleness you've worked so  hard
to achieve.
When idling, there are a few DO's and DONT's to follow:
DO: Do sit in 1 place for 9/10th of the time you plan to idle.
Dont: Attempt to make exp/eq/money or anything that will promote your
character, unless it falls under the 'Idle Abilities' which will be listed
DO: Talk alot on channels if something interesting is being said, or start
your own convo, and try to get others to join you in your idliness
DONT: Have any trigs that will make you look/seem unidle, because people will
think you are at your comp, and will want to party or something.
DO: Get alot of people to come idle with you, this makes the idle process much
more fun, and enjoyable for all.
DONT: Idle in a space where you can be killed easily by meanies, idling in
hell is no fun.
DO: Get a friend that can prot yer stuff while you are idling with them, cause
hey, free prots and fw's never hurt.
DONT: Decide to go unidle and join another party mid-idle party, thats no fun,
and will make others think twice about letting you come idle with them next
time you ask.
Now, about those Idle Abilities Imentioned before. Here is a short list, you
can go outside this, so long as you dont need to move, for them to work:
Resurrect, Raise Dead, New body, Feather Weight, Prot armour/item/weapon, Heal
all, Torch creation, Use fishing, Charge staff, All seeing eye your friends to
freak them out, keep your aura up, Create money, bless, tempt, sing bard
songs, put up prots, force dome your room :P, you get the idea, have fun, be
creative, and do what you want, so long as you dont need to move/do TOO much
to do it.