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Library: Healthy Lifestyle + Tips for Weight Loss


Author: jermy
Date:Mar 29 2003

It might not surprise us that majority of the U.S citizens are obese or just
overweight. Some reasons for this include reduced physical activity during
the day and increased amount of food we take in. This is also known
as a sedentary lifestyle.

This is becoming a tremendous problem in our western civilization.
Unhealthy lifestyle does not only result in added weight but count of
longterm diseases that are reality. Diabetes is predicted to be major
problem in the U.S during the next generation.

Something must be done in order to prevent this problem. I believe the key
is to learn healthy way of eating combined with regular exercise. No starving
is needed and exercising should be a pleasant experience.

Basic principles for healthier lifestyle are:
1 - Eat small, frequent meals during the day (5-6 meals a day)
2 - Reduce simple carbohydrates (sugars) from your diet
3 - Complex carbs (whole-grains, fruits..) form the base of healthy diet
4- Minimize foods that contain saturated fat from your diet. Instead have some
unsaturated fat food in your diet (vegetable products: olive oils, olives)
5 - Regular exercise makes you feel better and helps in weight control. If
performed first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, fat-burning effect
will be optimal.

Have fun!