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Library: The son of Barbarian


Author: shaolin
Date:Apr 2 2003

Many of you may have heard stories about Conan the barbarian, but how
many actually know about his son Shun. Exactly, only one, his mother Taishu.
She didn't tell anyone because Conan had many powerful enemies and her
and Shuns life would have been in danger. So Taishu decided to keep this
secret until it was time for Shun to follow his father foot steps.
Shun was born at the village of Varagan. A small village where only hunters
Taishu but got negative answer. He didn't put up with it so one night he and
mercenaries lived. There was a hunter named Xylod who were proposing
captured them (Taishu and Shun) and took them far away. He promised to kill
them if they ever return to Varagan or near it.

They travelled two days without eating or drinking and finally found a small
hut where old man lived with his dog. Old man let them stay and live with him.
As Shun grow up, he learned many things from that old man. Fighting skills,
survival at wilderness, learned to read, write and hunting. It looked that
this old man knew everything, from fighting to old books. So who was he?
He was once emperors one of the best assassins before got wounded and retired.
The king didn't like that his assassin would retire so he ordered him to be
found and killed at sight.

One day when Shun was hunting deers, he saw smoke rising from that direction
where his home was. As he returned he saw burned hut. Taishu and old man
sword and released them. After burials he swore that king will pay for this
were hung to tree and kings men riding away at horizon. Shun took old mans
someday. Shun didn't cry at all, revenge was only thing in his mind. There was
no room for anything else.

Shun gathered equipment and left for this path of blood. He passed forests,
mountains, plains. And didn't stop when it was thunder and raining like hell,
he had made his mind...
He slaughtered all kings hunters and small warrior groups who passed his path.
He was turning to a killing machine with no sense of moral and didn't have any
sympathy for anyone. Revenge had blurred his mind and made him extremely
dangerous for his surroundings...

As weeks passed, king heard about this lean mean killing machine and sended
troops and bounty hunters after him. But nothing helped. Many of those died
by Shuns sword before even realizing or before they spotted him. Shun had
become expert of guerrilla warfare. Only few got away but none of them

At late autumn large horde of kings warriors managed to get him trapped to
one of many caves of Pila mountain. They didn't dare to go in so they used
sorcerers powder to crash entrance and bury him alive. They believed that
this was end of the devastator. The king was so relieved and ordered a huge
party to celebrate this. Actually king was so much relieved that even common
people was invited for castle. The feast was scheduled to last for 2 weeks.

But back to the cave now where Shun was trapped. He wandered there as
completely blind, but having revenge in mind he pushed forwards. At some
point those tunnels were so tight that he had to cuff of walls with sword so
could continue towards. He wandered for days and many times he ended up
to dead end. Shun started to weaken as not having eaten for days, but finally
he saw light at the end of tunnel. He had survived.

Shun had learned something valuable while being at the tunnels. He couldn't
challenge whole kingdom alone and decided to use sneak instead of brutal
force. He started to travel only during night time and managed to get to town
of Donamar where king had his castle. Whole town was still celebrating his
"death" and it was easy to sneak past drunken guards to the castle.

Entire castle was full of drunken men and women while Shun was finding his
way to kings bedroom. He forced one servant maid to be his guide to show
safest way to there. Finally they arrived to bedroom and Shun tied servant
maid and started to wait for king. At the time king arrived with his harem of
girls he was so drunk that he couldn't even stand when he saw Shun and
his big sword. Shun killed women quickly before they got away from there
and walked towards kneeling king. King knew that this would be his end
and offered all jewelry and gold to Shun if he could save his life. Shun
wasn't interested of those and said that wealth will only cause trouble.
Shun raised his sword and cutted kings head of with one skilful wipe.
He then took head and left. No one heard from him every since but it was
believed that he lived somewhere in mountains and some other tales told
that he meet his father Conan but no one knew for sure...