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Library: Moomintroll meets danger


Author: orthanc
Date:Apr 30 2003

               Moomintroll meets danger

Moomintroll awakened to the chirping of birds, it was a shiny beautiful
morning in moominvalley and sun was just about to rise.
It was late summertime and soon the autumn would come and this made
moomintroll a bit worried.
Autumn was always difficult time for moomins... they would need to make lots
of preparations for winter to come, the time they would always spend
hibernating peacefully.
Other moomins were getting awake too, and there was a familiar warm sound of
moominmamma cooking breakfast.
Yet something made moomintroll feel particularly worried this morning... he
thought he could smell something odd in the air.
Moomintroll got up, searched for clothes to put on and then suddenly
remembered that he actually never wore anything. Shrugging at the thought he
started walking down the stairs and soon he was sitting in the breakfast
table, eating peanut butter sandwiches and drinking juice made from the tasty
blue berries of moominvalley.
Moomintroll talked about regular things with moominpappa and moominmamma, like
weather, carpentering and going for a picnic - since autumn was getting near
this would be one of the last changes for real and nice summer picnic.
Suddenly Snork storms in and said 'Hey, did you notice ? There is something
really strange going on with the sky!'
All moomins went out of the house to the terrace and looked up to the northern
And yes, there was something really wrong with the sky, it was all purple and
there was something ominous about it.
Suddenly moomins awoke to the the fact that wind was getting stronger...
This was not for moominvalleys weather, if there was wind it would only be
some tiny breaths of air, never a strong wind of this particular kind.
Moomins and Snork gasped in awe and didn't notice the arrival of Little-my,
stinky and Snufkin.
'Well, that does sound ominous, maybe there are times of trouble ahead' said
'Oh I am so scared' said Snorkmaiden, she was always looking for shoulder to
lean on to.
At the distance they saw The Groke approaching.. The Groke whom they
previously feared proved to be their distant relative.
Groke was a good spokesperson and all enjoyed his company, important thing was
however that groke would not have a permission to enter moominhouses garden,
since whether he wanted or not, he would kill all vegetation by sucking
Groke also preferred to be alone, and he appearing in the morning would not
predict anything fortunate.
Groke arrived and was greeted with a warm acceptance, he was actually part of
the family now.
There was worry in the air, everyone was twisting and certainly worried and
unhappy too, since this would have been a wonderful day for a perfect and
joyful picnic in the nature with all the important and numerous friends...
Then the Hemulin arrived, he was a baldish, quite a moominlike creature who
was interested in plants and stamps.
Quite an oddity actually, he was also fond of preaching and had numerous silly
visions about things of past and to come.
Today he however seemed truely concerned, ' Oh I knew it, the end is coming,
it surely is coming, the end of the world' he said and shook his head, in
honest distress.

And everybody thought he might be right... the purple glow was approaching and
wind was getting stronger every minute.
Finally Groke opened his mouth and grunted ' Suppose this is it then, the omen
is happening, we are about to get hit by a comet...'
Moominfather got up and said ' Since it seems that this is a comet, or
something, something horrible, we must go to the harbor and find To-ticky', '
maybe he knows a way to get us somewhere safe with his ship.'
All of the quests and moomins quite rapidly agreed. Since they were on the
open and there was no visible safe place in sight to go, they all thought it
would be best to search shelter from somewhere else.
After a quick meeting they decided that they would go to To-ticky as soon as
To-ticky had a large boat and knew lots of islands in the sea around the
moominvalley, Moominpappa had heard that many of these islands had many long
and dark caves which would give them shelter.
And so the whole lot started to move towards the seashore, the wind blew even
harder and the purple glow in the sky approached with sinister certainty.
When they finally, after a long thirty minute walk, arrived at the seashore,
To-ticky was already preparing a boat for journey.
.Hey you !. he yelled, . I though you might be coming, at this rate the comet
will strike in a few hours. . , . The sea is getting uneasy and if we actually
want to make it to the caves we must 
hurry ! ..
To-tickys boat was a fairly large one, and all the lot would actually fit
All hurried and soon they were on their way to the caves, waves were getting
higher and everyone was nervous and scared.
Would this be the very end of moominvalley ?
After a long journey they finally arrived to an island, moomins had never been
there before but To-ticky obviously knew the place well.
. This island and it.s cave has been used for pirates. . he said. . If we have
any luck, there might be a crate of whiskey left here somewhere. .
Moominpappa.s eyes brightened, . Whiskey ? Really ? Maybe this comet thing
isn.t so bad after all . he thought and eagerly wandered deeper in to the cave
whiskey in mind.
The whole lot decided to rest a bit, from outside they heard sounds of angry
waves hitting the shore and the ever growing wind blowing. It was also getting
warmer, they feared they actually might burn.
Now the Groke was helpful with this, he was always so cold anyway and this
time it would be of help, the coldness of Groke soothed the group.
All the noise and and scalding hotness was getting stronger. They had maybe
been in the cave for ten hours maybe more.. 
At some point everything seemed to calm down, they decided to wait for some
more hours before they would actually go out and see what happened.

They decided to go out and see what had happened and found themselves in quite
a new world.
The sky had a new, pinkish glow and the air was filled with hope. Obviously
whatever threat that ominous glow was, had passed them and everything was as
it should be.
At least that's what they hoped for. They grouped and gathered for the ship
and prepared for a journey home, relieved and happy.
Moominfather was drunk as hell since he had found a case of whiskey and
actually emptied a few large bottles while waiting.
After a brief travel they arrived to the shore of moominvalley, everything was
like it was before allthough some trees were fallen.
They decided to go to the moominhouse and rest a few days, this was anyway
maybe the most challenging journey they would ever need to make.
The end.