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Library: Nomar's new profession


Author: aelynn
Date:May 10 2003

Nomar was a simple man, a tailor by profession. He would
sit all day in his shop and work on beautiful outfits
for all the rich people, and also on outfits for the commoners.
He made a decent living doing this, and he was content with his
life, although he didn't have a wife nor any children.

It was on a day in may, a beautiful sunny day, that Nomar
went on a trip to the big city to buy new cloth and leather
and other things he needed for his work. He himself lived in
a small town called Yrden, and once every month he went to
the city of Algad to buy his supplies.

He walked at the market of Algad and browsed around the many
stands that sold their stuff. While he was looking around he
saw something beautiful and shiny. Strange cloth he had never
ever seen before. It was a yellowish colour, and it shined
as if it was gold.

He asked the salesman about this cloth. Not much of it was lying
there. And the salesman answered him in a soft whispering tone,
"It is said this cloth is magical".

Nomar was a simple man, not into magic and that sort of things.
He believed there was more though than meets the eye.
But magical cloth, he didn't know what to think of this.
The colour and general appearance of the cloth was incredible.

He asked about the price, and the salesman said, "for 70 gold
you can have it all.". Now was seventy gold a lot of money for
a simple tailor like Nomar. But the colour of this cloth, it shined
like it really was magical. Nomar had seen a lot of coloured cloth
in his life, and he really had an eye for colours.

He seriously thought about buying this cloth, while suddenly
someone yelled at the salesman from behind Nomar, "Sell me that cloth!"
As Nomar stood there with the cloth in his hands, the salesman said
to this person, "I think this man here wanted to buy the cloth."

"I don't care what he pays for the cloth I will pay more!", the
person standing behind Nomar said to the salesman.
"But I have already said this man could buy it for 70 gold", the
salesman said, "You wanted to buy this cloth didn't you?" he asked
to Nomar.

"Well yes I was thinking about it", Nomar said. "Then it's a deal",
the salesman said to Nomar. He had just spoken this to Nomar as
the man standing behind Nomar screamed out, "You can't sell it to him,
I offered more, what kind of business man are you, worm!"

Nomar now turned around and looked up to what was a tall man.
Nomar himself was a mere 6 foot tall. This man was like 6 foot 6 tall.
And considering the muscular build of the man, it was a warrior.

Nomar got a little afraid, but he really wanted to buy this cloth.
The colour so bright and shining like fire. He turned towards the
salesman, and said, "You sure you want to sell this to me for 70 gold,
eventhough this other man offers you more for it?"

"Yeah I'm sure", the salesman said, "See he is already gone.".
Nomar turned around and the man was gone. He looked around, 'where
had this man gone so quickly?'

Nomar bought the cloth for seventy gold coins and he also bought the
normal supplies he needed.

When he got back home, the next day, he started to work on this material
he had bought. He decided to make a pair of gloves from it. It was too
little material to make a shirt from it. It would have been cool to
have a shirt from this cloth though.

He worked slow and precise, he didn't want to waste this material.
In exactly two hours he finished his gloves made of this shiny weird
yellowish cloth.

He put them on and instantaniously his outfit changes from the commoners
outfit he always wore to a sorcerers outfit, including a sorcerers hat,
a big cloak with many pockets for the reagents, and a wooden quaterstaff.

Nomar is amazed and startled at first. But then he starts to think, and
his mind patern has altered together with his physical transformation.
He is now able to recall many a spell.

(Needless to say this is not the end of this story, but this is how
 it started.)