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Library: Autobiography I


Author: Shadowjack
Date:Nov 2 1995

Transcribed:  Tue Nov 22 16:47:33 EST 1994

[ Please note that the author's memory of ancient events is hazy at
  best.  Therefore apparent inconsistencies in the following
  autobiographical excerpts are very likely due to the author's
  imperfect recollection. ]

The Shadowjack first came to Batmud many years ago, when the world
dwelt on a dimension known as "batgirl".  The first person whom I
met in this young land was a seemingly innocuous immortal named Anipa,
who himself was also new to this world.

I explored this growing world for a few months, before business in
another world known as Hero demanded my departure from Batmud.  I was
an immortal in this other dimension, inhabited by superhumans, and my
presence was needed there once again.  Thus Shadowjack's name came to
be forgotten in the realm of Bat.

Upon my return to my homeworld, I got to befriend a fellow immortal
named Ayeser.  We forged great and wonderous lands for the world of
Hero.  Ever the easily bored, Ayeser eventually disappeared from Hero,
in search of new worlds to conquer.

I did not hear back from Ayeser until many months later:  he had
incarnated into a mortal on another world -- Bat!  Was this the same
Bat which I had explored?  A Bat which didn't even have a bulletin
board?  A Bat in which an immortal named Anipa did not even know what
a bulletin board was, when I had asked?  I vowed to return to the
world of Bat, to find my friend Ayeser -- er, Mowgli -- and see what
changed had occurred.

I was shocked at the amazing transformations the world of Bat had gone
through since my last departure.  In what had once been a common,
typical world, I now found a diversity and uniqueness never seen
before in the multiverse.

When I had first arrived to Bat, the world "guild" was not even
known.  Now I saw before me fighters, mages, reavers, and even
secretive ninjas who demanded an invitation to join their ranks.

Upon my return to Bat, I discovered that my old mortal form on Bat had
long expired.  Yet when I tried to assume the form of Shadowjack
again, I was dismayed to find that another being had assumed my

Disappointed, I grudgingly took on different guises, and began
exploring this new incarnation of Bat.  I watched Mowgli slug it out
with Slimer in an event known as Blood Bath.  I eventually joined the
mysterious ninjas, who had so intrigued me with their secretiveness.

But once again, Hero called me back, for it too was a reincarnating
world and it needed my help once again.  I had no particular
misgivings in leaving Bat again, because I was so used to taking the
form of Shadowjack, and had not grown attached to my alternative
incarnations on Bat.

Once again I worked on forging the new Hero, and not so long
afterwards, Ayeser too returned to craft his magical arts on the
world.  After months of this, Ayeser's work was done, and he slowly
disappeared once again, and I too drifted into other dimensions in
search of new worlds.

After some months, Ayeser and I had a brief reunion on Hero, and I
discovered that the world of Bat had once again gone through another
reincarnation.  So once again I made the journey to Bat to see what
changes had taken place.

Once again I found that world had changed incredibly.  The form of
Shadowjack was still inhabited by another being on Bat, but my old
incarnations from the previous Bat had converted.  New races such as
tinmen, draconians, and vampires now stalked the streets.  New guilds
such as anti-paladins, monks, healers and merchants strove for
supremacy.  I myself aligned myself with the infernal knights.

Although I reveled in the wickedness of being an infernal knight in
this new Bat, I was still not very attached to my incarnation; I was
too used to accustomed to being in the form of The Shadowjack.  So
once again, after a few months, I wandered off into new dimensions to
explore, this time my departure from Bat voluntary.

It was a couple years later, that I heard that Bat was yet again
transforming into something new.  Having seen Bat in all it's
incarnations, I again returned to see what new changes had taken place
since my last journeys.

Much to my delight, I found that the being which had taken over
Shadowjack's form had finally expired, and once again I could resume
my true identity.

And so this new chapter of my Batlife began.