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Author: qurp
Date:May 26 2003

                     Chapter 1: A few years back, nobody really knows

...Then there was television, an even better way to broadcast information.
The picture was grainy and your eyes hurt, but what the hell, there was
nothing else to do.

As years passed, the 'system lords' began to take charge. They noticed the
power that this tool presented...

Transcript 1: Systemlord meeting           August 6th 2002

Systemlord1: An underling reported that not all the Terrorists are happy that
we are there. They are demonstrating!
Systemlord2: (piping): 'What to do? Oh woe is us!'
Systemlord 1: OH shut up. Systemlord3 can you mute down the media-appearance
of this piece of information?
Systemlord3: Sure, it is a done deal.
Overlord: Everything in order? Systemlord2, what are you doing here. Aren't
you supposed to be giving a speech to the underlings right now?

Systemlord2 excuses himself and prepares to leave, but is stopped.
'Wait, remember to downplay the significance of those demonstrations to any
media that might inquire.'
'Sure' the second Systemlord replies with a grim look of determination on his
face and promptly disappears from the view of the other lords.

                                      Chapter 2: The nest

  Soon all the little hamsters gather around to look at the box, to wave their
flags '(insert a country here) HAS BEEN LIBERATED!'

Nobody asks why?
And if you do, you're quickly prompted to act like the rest of them and have
good faith in Systemlord2.

'He is after all...' says one hamster 'selected by us'. (You didn't vote)

Note: The matrix(tm) reference is intentional and a big fuck you to a certain