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Library: Legend of One item


Author: capula
Date:May 28 2003

Dear fellow reavers,
Too long have I kept this secret. Maybe
even too long but i pray dor your feeble
lives that things can be stopped.

Upon creationing of reaver guild, I seeketh
deeper knowledge about this we destroy.
As everyone knows, we consist of molecules,
atoms and even smaller parts, particles.

Next lines are crude translations of ancient
forbidden book called 'forbidden book which
looks ancient'

During big bang there was only Creator,
Creator almighty one that roams lonely.
Then the creation begun. First small things
like viruses and bacteria, then little more
difficult things like tiny chairs and table
with nice catering set. And finally strange
creatures like platypusses, koalas and

Then Creator started to think place to put
these belongings. And the Creator was wise,
he created this world and started to put
every single piece to its own nice place.

But nothing actually happened in this planet.
Everything lied still on its purposed place.
Then Creator became infuriated and started 
to destroy everyting in his sight. And you've
better believe me, his sight was good.

Eventually being pissed off started to feel
utterly boring and He created humans. Small
but furious creatures which like to smash
things. And that was good. It was so relaxing
to watch those little mortals fighting each-
other and killing/destroying other creations
in His world.

Those lines are only ones which i could save
from crumbling effects of time. So the problem
is that people have became too peacefull and
there just isnt too much destruction in the
world to stop dividing of things. Line goes
from smallest particles to biggest trees.

Thus you must seek the One item, the very
first Creator created in this world. By 
destroying it you will stop this ravage
multiplying of all things. Like old reaver
legend says: One item shall divide, One item
shall rule, One item any item. 

I cannot give you much info about its location,
but it has to be in one of those old areas.
Grap your scythe and reave well.

yours, Capula Karmapolice, Lord of Shiveria