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Library: The tale of the two-headed sprite


Author: force
Date:Jun 12 2003

On a cold winter night in the years after the Apocalypse in the lost city of
Atlantis a child was born.  This child , the child of Light , was the dream
come true of the poor family of One-eye Jim and his wife Ofelia the fair .
They had been praying for offspring since their wedding 38 years before but to
no avail , thus Jim was truelly joyous of this occation . But little did he
know , until the newborn child was carried to him and put in his arms.  The
child had , to his amazement , not one but two heads , wich is truelly
uncommon to fairy offspring . He could only ponder , if it was his Cyclops
semen that could have caused such a misshaped child , but all in all , it was
his child and there was nothing he could do about it. When Ofelia ask to be
shown her baby Jim told her to 'hush' , since he had to consider what to do.

After what seemed ages to him , he came to a conclusion . Since the child was
a very noisy one , he would give it up to some wandering bard , and thus save
himself from embarassment . But how could he lie to his dear wife and what
should he tell her?  His Cyclops brain was working as good as it could (wich
isnt much) , and after a while a plan started to form . He would tell Ofelia
that the child had fallen from his clumsy arms and died , and they would soon
try to make a new one .

He snuck to his door and quitly opened it , trying to avoid Ofelia hearing
anything . After reaching the Alley of the Tall Cat , he looked around , but
no minstrels where around to see .

Now he had to make an important decision , wether to leave the child there
amongst the trash , or to walk back home with it and suffer the consequences

 of his marrying a Fairy. All of a sudden the child in his arms started to
glow . It's glow became brighter and brighter , causing his eyes to hurt , but
still somehow he couldn't turn his gaze from the little ball of bright yellow
light . His mind started racing (a cyclops mind races...yeah right) and
pondering , what could this be . Could his child be the Lightbringer , the One
who brings the Light to drive away the mighty shadow , the Nightmare ? He had
to make sure before making any more decisions and he knew , the old Gupsy
fortuneteller was the person to ask . He went home and told to Ofelia what had
happened . The little , stressed out wife could only cry at the thought of her
newborn child being taken to such a far away place , so soon after it was born
, but what could she do . She knew how stubborn a Cyclops was after making up
its mind . She packed Jim a bundle of elven waybread and conjured some ale for
him to take along , and off they went to start their journey to the faraway
land of Kepustan , where the allknowing and allseeing Gypsy lived .

They road was long , with many perilous forests to pass , multiple rivers and
swamps to cross , many high and cold mountains to climb over but with great
luck they made their way swiftly to the Great land of Kepustan  , without even
seeing a bunch of cutthroats or thieves . Could this luck be caused by the
tiny glowing being tied to his back ? Jim did not know .
They reached the Kepustanian border , and halted at the Great Wall of Kepustan
. The cityguards called for Jim to identify himself , and as he did the guards
just laughed at him . But all of a sudden the little glowing package on Jims
back started glowing brighter and brighter again , and the guards where
mesmerized by the bright light . They too knew about the Saga of the
Lightbringer , and swiftly opened the citygates to let them in . They were
rushed to see the Great Gupsy , the fortunetelling Lich that had always been
and always would be .
The Gypsy looked briefly at the child , and without a hesitation in her voice
she spoke :'She is the One . She is the Lightbringer . You shall have her take
lessons in singing and scribing and after she reaches her teen years you shall
have her lead the Armies to slay the Nightmare . Then finally this war that
has continued for centurys now shall come to an end ' .

After speaking these words the old Gypsy stopped moving , and Jim got worried
that she would have died , but the guards explained to him :' She needs to
sleep and regain her mental powers , this meeting has cost her vast amounts of
it '

The cityguards gave Jim a horse , so he could make a speedy return to Atlantis
, and sent him on his way .