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Library: Why Plants have Human Characteristics


Author: merja
Date:Jul 1 2003

Before the earth was created there was a land above the sky. Certain beings,
men and women with human characteristics but not entirely human, lived among
the sky people. These beings grew so numerous that the land above the sky
became crowded. The beings began to quarrel among themselves and with the sky

The sky people went to the Great One and asked: "Can you not do something to
bring back peace to this land above the sky?"
The Great One poked a hole in the sky and blew his breath through the hole, so
strongly that a cloud of mists formed in the space below. He then asked the
sun to shine through the hole. When the sun's rays fell on the mists, they
turned to water and formed a great sea.
Then the Great one called the Moon and asked her to shine through the hole. As
she shone down, a thick scum formed on the sea. Gradually, the scum drew
together into a solid mass and made the earth, with the sea all around it.
Great One now had a place to send the beings, but when he saw how bare the
earth was, he decided he must first change some of the beings into plants and
animals, and send them to all the corners of the earth.
So Great One changed most of the beings into plants and animals and then with
a great breath, scattered them all over the earth. And that is why every
living thing on earth has some human characteristic, because each kept one
thing from the time when the beings lived in the land above the sky. In
animals it is easier to see these harateristics, but if one looks carefully,
they are to be found in plants as well. Some plants have leaves shaped like
the human hand, or like an eye or ear. Some have hair that looks lik ehuman
hair. Others have flowers shaped like faces or feet. All of them, whether in
an open or a secret place, have one thing that shows they are also descended
fromt he beings in the sky, just like humans.