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Library: So you Botched your Baptism...


Author: merja
Date:Apr 19 2006

This is merely a list of the botched 'dark baptism' statements which I have
recorded or have been handed down from other brothers and sisters.
Invaderza develops laryngitis. 
Sithlord can no longer speak!

Negative Effects: {Good, Neutral backgrounds}
     *Invaderza develops laryngitis.
     *Sithlord can no longer speak!
     *Ymir turns into a frog.
     *Sciurine looks like he's trippin'. Sciurine smiles happily.
     *You feel like your baptism was flawed in some critical way. You find it
difficult to remember any skills.
     *Victim is sacrificially mangled by the dark gods (PHYS DAM)
     *Stat losses (multiple)
Positive Effects: {Evil backgrounds only}
     *Shaolin grunts 'You feel the dragon of evil awaken within you.'
     *Burgle's Paw (extra limb)
You watch as Sciurine screams in agony as the gods literally rip him apart
limb by limb.
Anna develops a bad ear infection. She seems to be totally deaf to the world.
Tiina goes DEAF!
Antrax turns into a frog.
You feel that the dark gods' blessing decent upon you for your deeds.
     #*# LAST RITES #*#   You move quickly and place your left paw upon
Thematic. The power of Burglefloogah R.I.P.s through your frail body. You're
lungs burn and you're brain explodes with pain. Your life force surges out of
your being and into Theamtic, while you shout: "Your service to me is not done
you fool! Defeat my enemies or suffer my wrath !" Hp: 1 (629) [-386] sp: 277
(506) [] ep: 292 (292) [].
You develop a caste iron stomach.
You feel like you could see invisible things.
You feel like you could see magic.
Isundil searches the landscape   futilely.
 Vince goes MUTE!
More notes on dragonify: Type 'dragon help' and type 'dragonify'. Remember
each time you type it your stats decrease, as do your hps. Rumour has it that
there is a special fire breath move.
Some other fumbles: light allergy. darkness allergy. water allergy.
You feel slightly better in your skills.
You feel more at home in the water. (regen in water)
Tigerchick goes blind.