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Library: Psyche's Child


Author: merja
Date:Mar 25 2007

in the dream...
...he stands stillbound
her pace slows
and she smiles at him.
the tendrils of her hair
wisps float about her face,
and down, cascading down her round cheeks
down, over her shoulders
down, over the swell of her breasts
downward it falls past her waist
and her dress billows out in the wind
stirring the heavy hair and cloth
whipping quietly against a presence
a dark shadow which lies between them
and he inhales sharply, quickly
as a scent flutters around him
curling like a she-cat
in a slow, seductive gesture
like fingers of a lover
Time pushes back his sleeping locks
and restlessly tossing its hand away
he turns over, falling again deeper
'and her eyes crinkle in mirth
glittering they sparkle at him,
and the light glows brighter
a touch on his cheek ,
a kiss of warm, soft lips
upon his warm skin under moonlight
and when at last he can see
her eyes have closed
and she withholds something there
and with apprenhension he knows
fluxing brushes stroke shimmering Time
the clouds roll over the moon,
at speeds none might comprehend
forward, onward, she denies
her laughter somehow subdued
and the life now is crude
gesturing, he shrinks away
as he sees the harmful truth
and the hesitation in her eyes