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Library: Baltze's bs


Author: Baltzebub
Date:Sep 14 2001

The original poem was written By Qurp in finnish.  This is a very free
translation of it with his permision.

Dont know what is the matter.
The party wont get its a bother.
Lets find the shortest way!
But I guess they just dont get what I say.
Panic starts as slaads appear.
running, running, running
Where did that ladder dissapear?

'Aargh, acid trap!' they yell.
There they go, in every dirrection.
'Help!' they yell as death takes them.
The healer is twiddling, with us waiting
Where is the party heal?
waiting, waiting, waiting
But the healer is just having a meal.

Casters in dex checks fall
Ohmy! What a ball!
Dests take their tax,
but we just live life to the max.
To the captain we romp, if we dares.
Famished, famished, famished
Size dropping but who cares.

Shades here and there.
I wonder how we'll fare.
Burgle himself waiting
If I could Id be gating.
On we go to our doom.
entropy, entropy, entropy
Almost to the reinc room I zoom.

5am and a small typo
In hell we are having a party.
'Lets start again' says Baltze
Lets go home we others agree
Baltze asks 'What about something else?'
Pain, pain, pain