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Library: Temple of Death (Ground View: I)


Author: merja
Date:Mar 25 2007

we walk in each day to bow our heads.
we meditate,
we listen to the priests talking to us.
when we emerge from our temple in the afternoons,
we think only of escaping.
Nary a thought for the lessons so cherished
in their hearts.
Not a single backward glance at the Being,
He that swallowed us that very morning.
such stifling windows.
they never go open or close.
and the sickly concrete,
one feels like he is being flayed
each ten-minute wait for the mechanical lift.
and ever more so prefers to embrace
the smelly excreting toilets by the stairwells instead,
even when our journey is all the way
to the mountainous top of
our Temple of Death.

99, Nymegen. Overzicht beganegrond?