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Library: In the Ebon Tower Above (21st Floor: II)


Author: merja
Date:Mar 25 2007

Looking down I see the city outspread
It is like the toys we grew up with:
Legoworld, matchbox collectables, and My-Little-Ponies.
See those tiny cars and buses.
Look at the perfect green fields.
Where are those small busy people off to?
In the distance, which is not too far,
There are signs of the industry.
Their new foundations being laid,
Those smoke stacks gushing away,
These office buildings-Temples of Slavery.
Look! Over there are the electric wires,
The ones that run the capitalistic railway.
How large they look, even in the distance.
Compare them to the drones before our eyes.
Ant-people scurrying through their Labyrinth of Life.
Many others race along gracefully on their bicycles.
Weaving through the aggressive traffic that zooms on.
Blind to the Eye in the Sky.
In the farthest distances I can see my Heart.
Past the mist-enshrouded farmlands, look closely,
For those are the hills of my Veluwe.
How strange it is to consider these tiny object below.
It is even more fantastic to compare them
To the perspective which I always observe on a daily basis.
Vast fields and the town, spread like pieces of quiltwork.
large automobiles become models to set on the bookshelf.
But in the Ebon Tower above, my vision is falling apart.
Now it feels like I am flying here above them all:
These Ant-people and their colonial empire.
Seeing within their glass-box that has no windows, no doors.
The seamless separation, were it to break,
Could not protect me from certain death.
Perhaps these tiny people, if they scurried into a group,
Might serve to stop the approaching Giantess.
I can see their faces rushing to meet me all at once
And they grow suddenly large and terrifying.

Looking down from het Erasmusgebouw 21ste verdieping in Nymegen.