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Library: A Death at Sea


Author: merja
Date:Mar 25 2007

it will come upon you quickly,
like the storm at high tides,
sweeping over your body
before you can step out of the waters
it will pull you into the depths
where you cannot escape its grasp
and it shall have ontrol
over your body's tenderness.
it will tear you asunder,
your breath flying out forever
unable to inhale as a law of nature
you must eventually seal your doom.
it will not let you go back
for it formed a desire to be one
bringing you back to its home
and making it all the mightier.
it will be over soon enough,
so you must not panic,
rather you should enjoy it
that you have been taken personally.
it will not be like that of the others
for they will rot in great globs
under the rays of the television
and eating their way into oblivious irrelevency.
it will remember you, your presence
and you will not be theirs
your soul will have flown unknown waters
and while they cannot understand, it will.

In Zeeland geschreven.