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Library: Eolian


Author: merja
Date:Mar 25 2007

Once on paper
The words are out
Blunt and shocking to a world
Where a body can read
At any leisure
So that is what this is all about?
She was nothing at all.
And a voiced boomed from the heavens:
"Just look unto me, son, unto the Heavens!"
("Just put your feet down upon the Earth...") Someone whispers near to your
Can you see through her eyes?
To capture those violent skies,
Muddled, pull-apart
Can you not put yourself
Into her body
And feel the spring air
cool against her skin,
and notice the chilled nose
adrip with the condensation
Can you not tilt back your head,
And look to the west
gaze with yearning earnest
at the romantic view nature affords
These airy entities as they
Float about like hopes
Aross the azure skies
And can you breathe
Just focus now,
Upon the scent
Earthy freshness
Something cooking:
Oh, it is your own breath
As it rises in the cold air
And you shiver.
The breeze rattles your papers
And curls itself like an affectionate cat,
rubbing itself around your legs
Can you see these heavens?
Can you see their radiant greyed pastels
As they turn into darker shades
Where the sun is already dead
And likewise look upon the grass
As it lies wet with torrents
Of smashing rains
All meant to sustain
Mother Earth's eternal youth
Can you hear these cars now?
With their noisy motors?
Think upon this...
Were it quiet...
Would you be so perceptive?
And could such a comparison
Ever be made to fit into reality?
Can you feel her numbing fingers?
As they put before you
Words from her own consciousness?
And can you hear the distant frogs, from the creeks
Several miles southwest
Where she likes to travel at nights...
And are you wiggling your toes
Out of habit I suppose,
Because it circulates your blood
And stimulates her very heart?