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Library: Rejuvenation


Author: merja
Date:Mar 25 2007

We want to be great
to say meaningful things
to impact the lives of our fellow cell-mates
And when I hear this song,
I an dream it all the way through
I can see it w here it begins,
and then I'm speeding along an eternity
which does not ever really end.
Although I expect it eventually will.
We want to find an answer
We want to judge ourselves higher in status
And to be revered for our own virtue
But Jesus is dead and he was after all only a man.
I want to believe, I want to believe.
But some thing inside says it is well over
but for cyclical logic it is all dying
And I want to be in this stasis forever
(The sacred protective womb)
I want to be like the earth in her fashions
We want to find it all.
We search through all sorts of rubble
As if sifting it would clarify
The murk of Time.
We vainly grasp onto things which do not exist
But for our vivid imaginations and minds, it does not exist.
And I lose my step to the piece of music,
And then I lose my foothold on the spiralling stairs.
An eternity had I thought I was alive.