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Library: Bardstory: A dwarfs pride.


Author: Procyon
Date:Jan 30 2003

A dwarfs mind has never been easy for other races to understand. Even dwarfs
themselves know suprisingly little of the depths of their minds. This story is
a study of the driving force behind the dwarfs. To understand how the mind of
a dwarf works one need to understand what leads it.

This is a story about a dwarfs pride.

Gugglewurp was feeling down. It was a long time since he had seen his brother
Newlagh. Come to think of it, he really missed his old hometown, Catsglee. The
old dwarf sat in his hut by the window and watched the rain pour down and
decided to open another bottle of whiskey.

Later on Gugglewurp was asleep, the whiskey had done it's job well. The old
dwarf drank heavily, it was the only way he knew to handle these feelings he
had. He couldn't go back to Catsglee and show everybody there how bad he had
made it out in the big world. Gugglewurp wanted to return with chests filled
with silver and gold. He wanted to be the big hero they thought he was back

The little village Gugglewurp lived in was founded as soon as the first miners
here found gold. It was nothing more than a place where you could eat, sleep
and occasionally get drunk in. Located between the mountain and the swamp this
village sucked moist like a sponge. The clouds would gather at the feet of the
mountain and the rain came running down the mountain slopes. The wind blowing
from the swamps brought with it a stench that could knock a grown man


For thirty years or more had Gurgglewurp called this place home. This
collection of temporary shacks didn't even have a name of it's own. The
motherlode was long time gone and only fragments of what had once been a good
source of  wealth was left. This was not the place where Gugglewurp intended
to grow old and die. He was already getting grey spots in his hair.

Why couldn't he swallow his pride and return to the people he loved? He could
be in Catsglee in less than eight days if he wanted. He would meet his brother
Newlagh again, and the rest of the family he missed so much.

But a dwarf has his pride. No one in Catsglee would ever see him like this,
digging the ground in dirty rags. He wouldn't return until he had his gold.
Until he had enough to show everybody that he had made it out in the big
world. He might not be happy, but Gugglewurp would never lose his pride.
Especially not in front of the ones he loved most.

It was morning. The rain had stopped but the sky was still grey. Gugglewurp
picked up his gear and head off towards the mine. "Back to work", he grumbled
as he walked towards the mountain with tears in his eyes.