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Library: Ezra the Expatriot


Author: merja
Date:Mar 25 2007

Ezra are you sleeping? Wake up it is time for your tea.
He is in his red woollen vest staring out to the sea.
By ship had he come, sailing swiftly wavter, over the deeps.
By daylight he grows older and falters, and he weeps.
Ezra are you sleeping still? Wake up, come sit by the fire.
He stands upon the long English coast amongst rotting mire.
By free will had he chosen to live in the English shires.
By moonlight he finds no sleep, and how easily he tires.
Ezra are you sleeping now? Wake up, look at te lonely sea.
He is compact in photo frame, his spirit looks into me.
By this time, he has gone away, packaged up his memories.
By tomorrow's light he will become but yet another breeze.


Ezra Pound, whose works I read around this time. I had a picture of him framed
on my desk at home for the longest time. Very rough and beautiful picture..