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Library: Secret to Magic


Author: thematic
Date:Jun 19 2003

The proper wielding of Magic, be it arcane or the unfathomable powers of gods
trickled down for Mortal application, requires excessive study. That is the
common Belief, true to an extent but lacking as a guiding Principle. Quite a
bit of work is required, naturally.

Through pains I have discovered, that the most precise Knowledge only gives an
insignificant edge over the usual level. The most important factor is 
Confidence in the ability of the Self. This will vastly increase reliability
of all charms and prayers, not perusing the same tomes and chanting the spells
over and over until the body is fatigued and powerless. Now, a cub magician
then, after adopting the necessary lore, is to find out all the ways that work
for the Self, to gain this tranquility, this lofty aura, in a genuine way.

Some persons will ultimately find more ways, than others. A few, consumed by
their greed, doomed to never find it in one lifetime. For feigning will only
result in consequences both unexpected and dangerous, sometimes deadly.
Go forth and search for the True Force!