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Library: Irony does kill


Author: vijita
Date:Jul 2 2003

'My most horrible memories in life were the ones spent in that dreaded cave.
My nightmares now seemed like dreams to the pain I felt in the caverns of the
monster. To say the least, I was a slave to him. His eyes could be seen from
afar, being like bright lights of flame, burning through the darkness. He
mumbled under his breath sometimes talking to himself in a whisper, then other
times he would say it quite loud. He referred to a piece of jewelry, always
calling it his "precious". Everyday he came to me commanding me to find him
food or else he would eat me. Coming ever so close to mine, his face would be
inches away, breathing his stench into my face, burning my nostrils. It was
impossible to get used to that smell, it reeked of the dead, or even worse at
times. His thinning, greasy hair clapped me on my cheek as he turned to walk
back to his part of the island. Over the years my eyes had adjusted to the
darkness, slowly, but they were in no way greater than his. Thos hands he had
were like webs. They seemed to cling to anything he set those deformed,
oversized hooks on.
'He walked in a strange manner, no where near human. He crept slowly towards
his part of the island, stopping every now and then to mumble to his piece of
jewelry. His "s" dragging on as if a snake had said it. He spoke weirdly,
always referring to himself as "us". He spoke in anger as he reached his part
of the island of bones. His hunger had risen over the week, his ribs slowly
starting to poke out of his sides slightly. I felt sorry for him for the first
time since I had been there. But I also feared for my life. I knew at any
point I was the entrée for the next meal. before I could let him turn his
satanic eyes towards me, I hid under a pile of cadaver. The stench no worse
than my so called masters breath. Brittle as glass my body was, being crushed
slightly, but I didnt mind the pain too much. I heard then the disgusting wail
of anger from him. His voice came closer to where I was, speaking to himself
in anger.
Sssss, Where did that nasty little creature run off to? save
'A blood red color poured into his eyes as he began to get angry, but
something puzzled me as I looked up at him again. Tears. Tears had formed at
the corners of his eyes. Which I thought to myself a moment, could he be
lonely and that is why he hadnt "gobbled me up" from the beginning? But I
wouldnt stick around to check my newly acquired thought. I saw his face once
more as he turned, the sadness still etched into my memory. Like the ten
commandments being etched into the stone by the God of Abraham on Mt. Sinai.
His back hunched forward as he began to walk, or what you may perceive as
walking, towards the pile of bones he slept on. Then I saw it for the first
time, the ring, he picked it up and spoke to it. It was something in a
whisper, but his malignant lips rang at the end. Then, I saw him place the
ring on his finger. Then it was as if light bent for him and aloud him to be
unseen by the eye. So, I took this as my time to leave that place. I walked
slowly out, then I ran as soon as I knew my footsteps would not make a sound.

'Before I was completely gone, I heard something of a whimper in the darkness.
A whimper of sadness and pain echoed loudly. And again, I felt that same
sympathy for the creature. And then I felt a slight bit of guilt, as if I
inflicted this sorrow upon him. But, it was too late, I left for good, and I
wouldnt dare to go back.
'I was out of the cave finally, but that is where my journey did actually
begin. You see I was a bit of a wanderer if thats what you call it. I traveled
from place to place seeking knowledge in different areas that I had never
traveled before. My life was a bore and completely useless to anyone else. Why
did I do this you ask? I still cannot search the reason for my intolerable
thirst for the knowledge which I did not have. And so, it dawned on me that I
was in the middle of no where, and I had sort of forgotten where I was at the
time. The sun was setting down for that day so I had to move quickly before
the creature in the dark could come after me. I had to make hard tracks as far
north as I could, for I knew of a city that was north of the mountains.
'I came to the edge of a small forest line that looked unfriendly to any
strangers. I ran through forest line and kept running as fast as I could. I
noticed something strange about my eyes, usually when darkness came I needed
light to see in the dark, but something happened to me for being in those
caves so long. I could see quite well now, and with my newly acquired gift of
being able to see in the dark, I glanced behind me to see if anyone fallowed
me. Fear struck down my body as there were large figures moving after me.
Large beastly creatures on two legs, obviously an orc of some kind. His sword
he had was cutting away at the branches in his way as he charged after me. I
hadnt a sword, nor the strength to out-fight an orc, especially one as large
as him. But I did know how to be unseen at times. I made a hard right cutting
into a cluster of trees, then jumped behind tree to tree until I was far away.
The screaming of something in orcish tongue could be heard in the distance. I
had lost them.
'I emerged from the forest, a small light drew me over a small hill just right
after the forest. A womans voice yelled in distress as I neared the light.
Quickly, I picked up the pace running just over the hill and gasping in
astonishment. There was a man trying to have his way with a poor have dressed
woman who looked like she needed a bit more food than she was getting. She had
chains on her hands, but I did not notice this until it was too late. I jumped
up and ran after the man quickly, jumping into the air sliding my foot right
to his temple. The man went out immediately, and I quickly went for his
weapon, pulling it out. The woman was speechless, she said nothing, only
stared at me in disbelief. I wasnt exactly a big person, and he was a man that
I just laid out. The sword I had was a bit big, but I held it in my hand
steady. The woman stayed silent still, and then it was like the sound of the
horses had been silent. In seconds there was a circle of horses around us,
staring me down. A voice called out to me to put my weapon down, and of course
I did. I was in no mood to die that day. But to make a long story short on
that part, I was accused as attacking both the woman and the man. The man had
died from my unfortunate kick to his temple and the woman could give no
defense on my behalf, for she was a slave and they had no voice. The
punishment for killing in these parts is a harsh one at that. And I now write
this from my cell, waiting for my time to go. For they will execute me at noon
'My story seems pointless and just a bunch of stories about me, but it has a
message behind it all. Actually it might carry a few. One being, sometimes its
best that you dont interfere with other peoples business, because its not
always the right thing to do. I am a shining example of that Im afraid. And
hopefully someone can learn from my mistakes. Farewell to thee, I bid thee a
good adventure, and much riches to you... save