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Library: Hedgehogs and the Catfolk with Nine Lives


Author: spid
Date:Jul 11 2003

It had been a long fight and Spid was tired. Tired of the blood and the death.
He and his warriors had an easy battle by all accounts as he saw the few
wounded among his men and the hundreds of dead cats that were strewn about the
glade. He couldnt figure out why the Catfolk just seem to keep coming. He
couldnt count how many he had killed, but they still just kept coming.

It seemed like this war with the Catfolk was never going to end. Spid knew the
tide was turning against him. The Catfolk were pressing forward with
there campaign into Sharpe forest the Hedgehogs home land. Spid new he needed
something, more warriors, better defences, maybe some elven magic. He couldnt
put his finger on what.

Spid respected the catfolk, they were not the most hardened of warriors but
they faught well and they looked after their dead. After every battle the dead
were collected by their few remaining soldiers and dragged back to there camp
named Felon outside of the forest.

Spid had helped the Sprites fight off the drows from the neighbouring forest.
He remembered watching in awe as the drows cast firebolts from the sky. Even
more impressive were the sprites making the earth shake stopping all the drow
mages from casting while he and his army could slaughter them.

Maybe now he thought the Sprites could intern help him fight off these
catfolk. Spid felt drained, he hadn't been sleeping well, memories of his dead
brother Sonic haunted him. He sometimes felt like he was still beside him in
battle. Spid squeezed the golden spine, which his brother once held. Maybe the
sprites would help him.

It had been weeks since he sent a runner into try and find the sprites and
nothing had been heard. Spid presumed him dead maybe caught by a Catfolk scout
and slaughted after refusing to give up any information. Just as he looked to
the floor, the sound of a cheer came from outside. Spid was puzzled what did
his people have to cheer about with the Cats running all about his home land
and his warriors nearly halfed.
The doors to his chamber opened and his grandson Scoot said in a puffed voice
"Hes here and he's brought". Scoot had to stop and take a breath before he
could say "Sprites, lots of them". Spid smiled and thought at last maybe this
war could be won.

ZipZip the brightest of the Sprites welcomed Spid by spinning around his head
as was customary with the sprites. ZipZip glowed different colours as he
whispered "Your messager found us, he was lucky the Ents had been holding him
with their vine mantle for two weeks while they tried to contact us.". ZipZip
dimmed and flickered and whispered "We have bad news, we have felt the
presence of a necromancer near by. We asked the Ents about it and as we
feared, the Catfolk have enlisted the help of Mortis the corpse lover. The
Ents tell us Mortis and the Catfolk have a pact. Mortis will bring back from
the dead any Cat 9 times, before his soul belongs to him." 

Spid went red with rage, all this time he thought it had been a fair
honourable battle. No wonder he thought the Catfolk seemed to be endless he
had been fighting the same Cats again and again.

ZipZip whispered "We have a plan to kill Mortis with the help from the Ents,
however its up to you to kill the remaining Catfolk. Spid wielded his flaming
shield on his arm and shouted "Today my Hogs we show those Cats how to