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Library: How was small bard trying to convince Loremaster into approv


Author: Krzysiek
Date:Jan 17 2002

You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'can you approve my level 22 quest ?'
Demerzel tells you 'the tale?'
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'yes'
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'without writing anything'
Demerzel tells you 'well it aint hard to steal something from somewhere' 
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'just copy paste, was wondering if we can skip it'
Demerzel tells you 'i think they're keeping an eye on them quests, shardik was
very specific about not approving them quests too easy' 
Demerzel tells you 'well change the names too then or whatever, i wrote some
tale about fen!'
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'like something happens when he finds out ?'
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'this is hard already gave you 6 tells :P'
Demerzel tells you 'well turn it into some tale then :P' 
Demerzel tells you 'luring demerzel into approving me' 
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'ok will just copy paste out talk :P'
Demerzel yells hysterically 'No! No! Nooooo!' at you.
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'i could bribe you somehow hmm tell you how to do
some eq monsie or something'
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'you could answer something so there will be
enough text for 2 pages'
You emote to Demerzel (*smoke*) 'winks at you.'
Demerzel tells you 'butbut okie watch me answering artistically, Ohh yee pole,
i cannot approve yee 'ithout composin a merry tale'
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'puting ' in place of 'w' is enough to be artistic
? :)'
Demerzel tells you 'oh yee, it's archaic' 
Demerzel tells you 'classy language you see' 
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'it is yes not yee :P at last ppl with 'class' say
that way :P'
Demerzel tells you 'yee is you :P'
You emote to Demerzel (*smoke*) 'acks at you.'
Demerzel tells you 'i had a linguistic guide to english poetry class in
december :)' 
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'yes master yoda'
Demerzel tells you 'now we're getting soemwhere!'
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'so was yoda a poet you say ?'
Demerzel tells you 'i dunno 'bout that' 
Demerzel tells you 'unlike everyone else i do not know star wars by heart'
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'cmon beeing the Bard Loremaster makes yee
obligated in knowledge of modern culture in general as well as sf-cinema
Demerzel tells you 'ignorance is bliss' 
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'you sure ? ask thematrix'
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'Since ppl as wise as Loremaster says ignorance is
bliss it has to be that way. Ignore what shardik says about approving and just
do it without reading the tale.'
Demerzel tells you 'you know i put a lot less effort in my tale than what
you've done trying to convince me' 
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'ignorance is bliss, prove it'
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'sure'
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'tell last 40,history 100 and read tale about
'Small pole hoping for promotion''
You tell Demerzel (*smoke*) 'Bards are supposed to be lazy. Writing is not
really bardish, singing saying talking is, i say.'
Demerzel tells you 'yeah :)' 
You emote to Demerzel (*smoke*) 'whines about you.'

So what is the moral of that story you might ask.
1 Ppl as skilled as Demerzel can smoke and talk same time for more then 30 min
with no breaks.

2 Wizes are not alwyas right... maybe archwizes are but since an archwizar was
a wiz and were not right then areches are not Always right

3 You get NOTING for FREE :(

4 Asslicking doesn't work
5 if you are still reading this you definetly need to get a life :P