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Library: basic use


Author: Ran
Date:Sep 12 1997

1) Long tubular device with sight - This is a very destructive heavy rocket
launcher.  Its poor accuracy is supplemented by high rate of fire (about 180
rpm) and large explosive charges.  For this reason it is an extremely
dangerous weapon and use (especially indoors) should be avoided.

2) Belt-like device - This is an antigravity belt.  These things are great. 
But first-time users can expect a great deal of nausea and discomfort. 
Prolonged use for more than a few hours a day poses significant health
problems.  It is not a good idea to sleep with this on, regardless of how
comfortable it might be.

3) Oversized Plastic Duck - This is an air-rider.  It is not for adults.  Use
is not recommended.

4) Misc. candy and food supplies - Do not eat.  Do not feed to animals.

5) Heavy backpacksize device with jets - Use is not recommended.  This
particular model has a nasty habit of exploding.  

6) Red 8-sided crystal, translucent - This is an electic power crystal.  It
can not be used.

7) Assembelable pistol-shaped object - This is dangerous.  It should never be

8) Red and black rifle, resembles a tommy-gun - This is a rapid-fire pulse
rifle.  Poor damage capability.

9) Clocklike device with round tubes attached - Do not touch.

10) Small pill-like device - Resembles a magnetic stirrer (chem).  This is a
portable gravity negation device.  Enable and place in medium for a few
minutes, will start automatically.  Do not eat.

In general, beware of any small pill-shaped object.  They can be a number of
different things.  If you don't understand what it is, just leave it alone.

10) Correction:  Start by grabbing both ends and holding one steady while
twisting the other.  You can stop it by untwisting it.  Older models may still
start automatically, the flaw here is that it is imposible to stop.

11) Ball-shaped object with eyehole in front - It is a simple viewing device. 
3-D image of a person appears in the ball itself.  

12) Long, shoulder-mounted cannon - This is an underwater weapon that does not
work on land.  It fires explosive torpedoes and is designed purely for
underwater use.  If this is used on land, the torpedo will hit the ground a
few metres in front of the gun and explode.