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Library: the great wyrms


Author: Malitrius
Date:Sep 6 2001

The great wyrms appered on the savage coast about 60 years ago, at the same
time as a great plague. They have brought a lot of misery to the savage coast
since then. Some of the most dangerous wyrms are know by name. I have meet
some of them myself and I don't think they are real dragons. They are a bit to
stupid for that, I suspect that they are magical creatures created by someone.
But they are extremely dangerous so I would advice you to keep clear of these
areas where they hunt.

Athanel, a great crimson wyrm: Was last seen on island north of Donaru.

Burgle, a great green wyrm: In the hills northwest of Donaru.

Cyclon, a gigantic blue wyrm: Just on the beach north of Donaru. Killed 20
people just this year!

Goathead, a great brown wyrm: Southwest from Donaru.

Red Hawk, a great red wyrm: Southwestwest from Donaru

Silver, a great silvery wyrm: West from Donaru.