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Library: The Monolith


Author: Malitrius
Date:Apr 24 2003

I fear that the most powerful of soul gems are hidden in a cave not far away
from Donaru. The cave goes under the name 'the living cave'. I've made some
further investigations in this subject but I have been unable to find this
cave.  During a recent visit to St Patric's abbey I stumbled across a
beautiful woman in their library and we talked about this and that. Remarkable
woman actually, but I must say that  her strong mental auras was slightly odd.
Never met anyone that powerful before. First I thought it was because of all
the beer I had at Kiec's bar the night before (I  drank Runeaxe and Superelak
under the table).  But after regained my mental abilities I've understood that
this woman strangely enouggh resembles the 600 year old pictures of Felidae
that I had found in a book.  So I'm very interested in details of her
whereabouts at the moment and where I could find her.