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Library: Troglodytes


Author: Malitrius
Date:Dec 12 2001

Troglodytes usually dwell in large underground caverns, but sometimes they
move up to the light to live in small isolated troglodyte villages. They
prefer swamps since they are most like their subtropical caverns. Troglodytes
are reptilian humanoids and very primitive warriors. A full grown male stands
about 6 feet tall ,has broad strong shoulders and a lizard-like head. Their
bodies are coveed with scales and they have a chameleon ability to change the
tone of their skin to match their environment. They usually secrete an oil
that smells so disgusting to all humans and demi-humans during battles that
make them difficult to fight. And it do smell awful, I've encountered them
twice in my exploration of the vast cavern system below Karatur and once you
smell it you just have to run away. But troglodytes are usually friendly and
lives in peace. But they are a very primitive people, so they are easy to

The upcoming events near Donaru with troglodytes doesn't concern me much, but
please don't use to much violence against them. They are very primitive and
they can have problems to understand whats good and whats bad. But troglodytes
that live without any interference from other humanoids are usually a
fantastic people. But needless to say, we need to find and kill the renegade
troglodytes that are robbing people on the batcity highway. It's not likely
they'll change when they once started doing it. Me and the mayor of Donaru
would like a group of adventurers to find their village and restore the peace.
The recent raids have happened south from Donaru, close to the swamp. I used
my farseeing abilities and managed to capture an elder troglodytes mind and I
understood that he was troubled cause the village had lost their holy rod of
troglodytes. That might be the cause of this.

Malitrius Gray