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Library: The Peacock farm and X-files


Author: lydd
Date:Aug 2 2003

The peacock farm is based on one of the episode of X-files. This makes
Cecilia's alter age is agent Scully and Koonan's alter ego is agent Mulder.
Who on the Earth is the alter ego of the rat king?
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Home, Pennsylvania.
An idyllic small town is the last place anyone would expect to find a
hideously malformed newborn buried in a shallow grave. This gruesome discovery
is enough for the local sheriff, Andy Taylor, to call in the FBI. Although the
child's deformations indicate multiple genetic abnormalities, neither Mulder
nor Scully believe this local tragedy is a matter for the X-Files: until they
learn more about Home's reclusive Peacock clan. 

For over a century, this farm family has lived on the outskirts of town...and
the outskirts of civilization. Generations of inbreeding have deformed their
bodies and their souls into something less than human, and more than animal.
Now that the family has dwindled down to three brothers, Mulder and Scully
suspect that the Peacocks have devised a grotesque plan to propagate their forcing a kidnapped woman into involuntary pregnancy. 
While someone (or something) watches unseen, Mulder and Scully explore the
Peacock farm and find the bloody evidence of a recent birth. Before they can
arrest the Peacocks, the family strikes back. Later that night, the Peacock
boys massacre the sheriff and his wife. As Mulder says, "They went caveman." 

Fearing for the life of the Peacocks' prisoner, Scully and Mulder courageously
invade the farmhouse with only the local deputy as back-up. When they discover
the hiding place of the clan matriarch, they finally comprehend the appalling
truth. Mrs. Peacock, a multiple amputee, is the mother of the murdered infant.
And also the proud mother of three sons who'll do anything for mom. 

With guile, luck, and firepower, Mulder and Scully manage to kill two of the
rampaging Peacocks. In the confusion, the oldest boy and Mrs. Peacock escape
in their long white Cadillac. Mother and son drive off in search of a new
place to call home.