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Library: Fall of the Necromancer King Mauselum


Author: lighthouse
Date:Aug 10 2003

Many years has passed since the evil lord Mauselum walked on earth.
He was destined to rule the scattered peoples of the great central desert.
With an army of long forgotten warriors, he swept across the mountains
and plains, slaughtering those who opposed him.
Using his necromantic abilities the army of undead warriors grow larger 
after every battle.
Mauselums army in a beginning of few hundred skeletons now reaches 
the amount of thousands skeletons of all races from animals to humans 
and monsters of different size.

Mauselum itself was in late seventies and in a way of looking for eternal 
life: to transform itself into a intelligent undead known today as lich.
They say that not all the liches are evil, but not much of people know 
good liches, they are undeads after all.
Mauselums fight against known world was spreading on, commanding 
undeads to attack all aroundthe continent and forcing them to bring him 
artifacts and other lesser magic items in hope of finding way to 
immortality as lich.

Days went on, summer came and turned to autumn and no hope was in 
sight. Dark armies went forward, bones clattering. Only a few tribes, 
never natural allies, stand against Mauselum.
One of these tribes known as Skeleton Liberation Front caught a small 
undead party, which was bringing captured items to Mauselum.
After a moment of hard fight skeleton bones and necromancer bodies 
were laying all around and battle was over. Items re-looted by SLF.

Days of studying items, scrolls and books released small tips about
reason why this war had begun and why it still swept across the land. 
Mauselums fight against time to raise himself above mortality of man.
By this known fact that Mauselum was in charge of this all.
It came to a task to destroy Mauselum at any cost.

Small group of tribe members were assigned to task of eliminating
Mauselum. Days of tracking down undeads from safe distance lead the 
party to edge of the great central desert. During days undeads and 
controlling necromancers were hiding under the trees and rocks from the 
direct daylight, but when the sunsets they kept marching forward.
Finally party was lead into Mauselums fortress, a building resembling a 
giant sized skull of a person. Mauselum self was examing items and 
doing experiments for completing ritual known as Greater Rebirth Rite.
With fast strike small amount of undeads and necromancers including
Mauselum were lying dead. The one who had caused this huge scale 
war was now dead. Even the bigger undead armies around the continent 
felt the death of their creator and was forced to flee in panic or do be 
destroyed at once. Now the war is over, but world is still full of undeads 
and monsters waiting to be destroyed. And your help is needed brawe 
warrior, go out and fulfill your destiny.