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Library: Dreams Eternal: Quest for power


Author: qazar
Date:Sep 30 2003

Stealth, disguises, lies and deception were the instruments that were given to
me in the early days. The world was my playground and I danced on it with a
smile on my face. Innocent or not, it didn't matter. Beast or man, friend or
foe, if the order was given it didn't matter for the reward was too tempting
to pass. So, I shouldn't have been surprised when the night came when I was
the target. Not by His will but by others who saw me as a threat to them I was
cast into exile.

Cursing Curath to the deepest pits of hell I fled to the mines of Kutanakor
where I hid in the shadows until I was sure none was following me. There in
the cold mines I vowed that from that day on the only person I serve is me. I
gathered the possessions I had and started my travel towards the city of
Redwall. I had heard of a powerful guild that would suit my needs perfectly,
no god, no master to serve. After arriving there I spent few days listening to
rumours of this guild's whereabouts. I heard of their blades that suck the
very being of men into them and grow with power, which seemed to have no

There was no road toward this rumoured guild but since I was alone I had no
choise but to continue and trust that it existed in the south somewhere. I
needed some strong force watching my back. Finally I came to this guild, it
was built inside a mountain range of a most peculiar shape. I entered the
halls of their guild and before me stood a gigantic man with a sword as tall
as myself on his side.

Reaching into the plane of chaos I called my own blade to serve me, it was
called Daehini. After years of spreading chaos and destruction in the lands, I
wasn't sure anymore if it was the blade that served me or I who served the

The souls the blade had devoured were count in tens of thousands if not
hundreds. Streaks of pure energy swirled from the blade as it struck down
anyone in our way.  One day the blade sensed a soul stronger than any before
it. In the middle of a desert there was a lone tent. The soul seemed to belong
to a weary man, meditating in his tent. He wore ragged pieces of clothes and
seemed to be living his last years. He didn't seem to notice me approaching.
Grinning at him I raised Daehini and struck his side to let him bleed slowly.

A light flashed as the blade hit him but with disbelief I felt the blade on my
own side, sucking life out of me. My eyes widened and I dropped to knees of
the pain, not so much of the physical pain but the coldness spreading to my
entire body as Daehini drew my strength from me. It seemed to speak in my mind

As I woke up the man was gone. Or was he just my imagination. No, I still felt
the pain and remembered what Daehini spoke to me. Betrayed, again. I buried
the blade deep in the sand and just left.

My quest for power had failed. Real power isn't gained from guilds or gods,
neither do powerful items grant it. That man in the desert taught me that
physical figure has nothing to do with power either. With this realization I
started my journey to find this old man.