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Library: Reaver's Tale


Author: mortak
Date:Nov 12 2003

From the depths of the woods he sprang, an Entling much like any other. Bent
on sucking nutrition out of the ground, rather than garnering secrets of the
ages, he spent his early years wandering the forests close to his place of
birth. Wisdom was slow in coming, as noteworthy events were not plenty,
indeed, an occasion where an adventurer strayed into the depths of the 
forests and met his doom at the breaking of the fast of an anaconda snake
was considered a true rarity, and thus eyed with curiousity.

An act of cruelty, some would say, but certainly not the snake, nor the Ent
viewing it from the heights, as it had all seemed perfectly normal to him
during the course of his 100-odd years. Thus wanton murder for the sake of
ones own survival gained a foothold in the heart of this Nature's own

No sense of malice could be found in his heart, though, as he watched and
studied the world as it evolved and grew darker with the coming of new hordes
of adventurers as the world was recovering from the Great Apocalypse (1996).
But slowly he started to realize his ability to influence the surrounding
world, perhaps to delight a couger with an all-too-eagerly logging merchant,
whilst saving the lives of the trees under his care. Infact, he began to look
forward to these occurences and patrolled far and wide in search of hapless
victims, ready to purge them once and for all for their crimes against Mother

This did not go unnoticed with the ancient Ents, however, and soon he was
marked an outcast among his kind, shunned by the entlings, feared by mortal
men, yet revered by the beasts of the wild, the malicious hunters of the
uncharted woodlands. For hundreds of years he wandered the woods of the world,
staying hidden from prying eyes, studying the species inhabiting even the
darkests of places, as he ventured even into the malicious woods of the Old

Perhaps it was there that he saw a vision from the essence of destruction
itself and failed to resist it's call, or perhaps he made the pact on his
own accord. Nevertheless, a warrior of Chaos was born into the world, one
wielding the ancient wisdom of the Ents, with strength unmatched by the
mortal races, not to mention unparalled(..?) evasive powers!

Bent on HAVOC rather than wisdom, he leaped towards the world, ready to 
devour it whole! DESTRUCTION on his mind, his scythe cleaved through armour
and flesh as through air, for there was no means to stop the fury of his 
bottled up anger. Through millenia he spread HAVOC among the pitiful 
inhabitants of the world, relishing at the sight of tears and gaining
nourishment from the blood of his enemies. Through this faithful service,
he gained rank and power in the armies of the powers he worshipped, and was
soon regarded as the ULTIMATE reaver, chaos and destruction made flesh(wood?).

Nothing, it seemed, could stop him from casting the world into Oblivion, for
with a mere word the life left a creature, his soul forever lost into the dark
depths of Abyss, to face eternal torment at the hands of DESTRUCTION itself.

His ability and wanton desire to destroy everything was indeed his downfall,
as he delved into the arts of planetary destruction, of creating a Black Hole
designed to destroy all living things on this world! Caught in a mad fury, he
cast his spell, forcing the air to become essenceless Void.. But how can one
escape from such a devastating phenomenom, he did not know. As his mortal body
was pulled into the vortex and made Void, he unleashed all his destructive
rage into one final blow, massive enough to split the world in half - though
aimed at the vortex devouring his body!

The vortex blinked out of being, yet the servant of Chaos was left without a
body, a wandering spirit lost like a little child, devoid of guidance, as he
was no longer of any use to the powers of destruction. Through the planes of
HELL he traveled, seeking release from the torment, and thus came upon an
ethereal portal, through which magic flowed between the Afterlife and the
mortal realm, offering salvation to many Lost Souls. Bereft of options, he
submit his soul to be judged, uttering a final plea, yet strangely enough the
words came out as 'Ghost of Mortak [ghost]: w: reinc'. Even more astounding
was the answer, the magic words wiped away the stains from his soul,
recreating much of his being - Ratza tells you 'xfer 10k, die, accept' -,
after which he no longer recognized his being. Such was the power of the magic
that he was turned into an all new being, with no recollection of the burning
HATRED towards all living and nonliving things, yet he was possessed by a
hauntingly powerful desire to sing!