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Library: A day


Author: mino
Date:Nov 18 2003

 |        A Day         |
 |Dreams are coming back|

Time is passing by
and sometimes i wonder why?
Sometimes i try to make it stop,
but i cant do anything else than just hope.

Fog covering green grass field.
Sun rising up behind the trees.
Cold air, making still water to steam.
Dawn waking me up from my dreams.

Birds singing their songs to me
and i just wonder why?
Maybe they are trying to make me smile
and give a reason to try.

A morning turns to noon
and skie is clear and blue.
Now i am in a good mood,
but still i wait to see the moon.

Sun is setting down.
Shadows are crawling out
and night is here right now.
Maybe is just too late.

Birds are singing no more.
Northern lights are only things that i can adore.
Trees are humming quietly
and i listen to them silently

Full moon rises up to sky.
Stars gleams up so high.
Maybe i should sleep a little bit,
before i fall to my own pit

Dreams are coming back soon.
I am falling to sleep too.
Darkness is covering me,
maybe now i am atlast free