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Library: The Player Killers Field Guide


Author: kaz
Date:Nov 28 2003


Before you read this please read 'help player killing'.
This guide is intended as a reference for player killing techniques for
players who wish to seek revenge on other players who have pissed them off in
some way.
It aims to provide the best possible chance of success in getting your

How did I become a player killer?
Well lets get something straight. I only pkill people who have pissed me off
or bee assholes to me.
I got picked on by some highbies as a newbie who would repeatedly kill me
because I had my own opinions which they did not agree with.
This has caused me to seek methods of revenge over the years. In the end I
grew to enjoy the challenges of taking out players much higher level than

Why do players pkill each other? Well there are many reasons, but here are a

Tiger missions
The tiger guild is an assasination guild and therfore is given tiger missions
to complete. 
These missions involve killing victims who have a price on their head.

Many players get pkilled as newbies, sometimes for good reason, but sometimes
because highbies are just plain assholes.

Revenge is sweet.

Unfortunately there are many assholes that play BatMUD. 
I will not give any names since players that I think are assholes are based on
my opinion only.
Quite often highbies that are arrogant will punish newbies or even other
highbies unfairly.
Maybe the like to pkill, or maybe they are loners in real life, or maybe they
just cant get layed.

I believe tiger is hands down the best choice for a pkill guild. 
However! Tiger is still pretty lame without a secondary guild, and even then
you need NAVS to be a truely effective at pkilling.
Reaver, Spider, Tiger, Navs are all great guilds for pkilling, therefore evil
religious is the best choice for a background.

The alternative approach is a zapper. 
Civ mage / Civ Fighter with zapping skills and wands can also work but this
also limits your normal game playing as these guilds are not the most
effective guilds for exping.

The best pkilling spells/skills are listed below in no particular order. 
They all have their uses which will be explained later.

Offensive skills/spells: Dim mak, Tiger claw, Word of Oblivion, Spider Wrath
Stealth skills/spells: Sneak, Shadow Leap, Spider Gate, Track
Other skills/spells: Heavy Weight, Spider Web, Summon, All-seeing Eye

These are the most basic killing techniques. 

Chase and Kill
Spell/skill requirements : none
Other requirements: none
Overal Rating: 1/10

The most basic and probably the least effective of all killing techniques is
the chase and kill approach.
This involves finding the victim, and attacking them with no particular
planning or organisation.
It often results in the victim running away and hiding in their castle or in
the church.

Summon Attacks
Spell/Skill requirements : Summon + Heavy weight (optional)
Other requirements: no-exit room
Overal Rating : 6/10

Summon attacks are very effective! 
Providing that you are tough enough to take the victim 1 on 1.
Summon attacks must be done in no-exit rooms otherwise they are about as
effective as the 'chase and kill' approach.
There are a number of no-exit rooms in the mud that are very easy to get to.
Two popular ones are the freezer room in Newbie Forest and priest room in
The objective is to get a key for the room, lock yourself inside and then
summon your victim and fight them 1 on 1.
See below for some advanced techniques as well as some escape prevention
techniques to use once the victim has been summoned.

Therps Guard!
Spell/Skill requirements : Summon + Invisibility + Word of Recall (optional) 
+ Heavy weight (optional)
Other requirements : none
Overal Rating : 7 / 10

An oldy but definately a goody!
This is once of the easiest and most effective pkill techniques in the game.
Therps guard is located 2 rooms into the 'Land of Anarchy' area. 
He is agro, he blocks all directions and he is mean (about 80k worth)! 
So he hits nicely and is too big for any player to solo in a single run.
The objective here is to invis yourself, walk into therps room (he can't see
invis), then summon your victim. 
Ok here is the catch. Once your victim is summoned you will also become
Therps Guard will attack you both. If you have Word of Recall then set wimpy
to very very high and you should be home free.
If you don't have WOR then you have 2 options.
The first option is to Die gracefully. 
The second option is to try and time it so that you quit immediately after you
summon your opponent (before the guard hits you).
This requires you to type quit while the summon spell is in progress. Your
character will quit after 5 seconds.
This is very hard to time correctly, but is achievable with practice.
This technique is good for newbies who cannot take on a victim 1 on 1.

Stealth attacks involve arriving at the enemies location without them knowing
that you are there.

Leap Attack
Spell/Skill requirements : Shadow Leap + Invisibility + Spider Web (optional)
Other requirements : none
Overal Rating : 4 / 10

Shadow leap can be used to arrive in a victims room without them seeing any
message that you have arrived.
Unfortunately this is hardly more effective that the 'chase and kill'
However with a few additional techniques it can be effective. An example is
described below.
Turn sneak on. Leap to your victom. Walk out of the room. Cast some spider
webs in adjacent rooms.
Invis yourself. Go into the victims room and Dim Mak them. A good Dim Mak
should kill most casters.
If they are a tank they will probably try to run at this point, which is where
your spider webs come in handy.
Once they run into the room with the web, if they try and leave that room in
any direction except the way they entered then they will get stuck in the web.
You can now finish them off.

Gate Attack
Spell/Skill requirements : Spider Gate + Invisibility
Other requirements : none
Overal Rating : 4 / 10

This technique is executed in the exact same way as the Leap Attack. 
The only difference is that you Spider Gate to them instead of leap. 
This has 1 advantage and 1 disadvantage of the Leap attack.

Advantage: You are not heavy weighted since you didn't leap. So you can make a
quick getaway if required.
Disadvantage: A web will be in the room which may alert the victim to your

These techniques are more advanced. Often more fun and exciting when you pull
them off, but also harder to 'set the stage'.

The Black Reaver
Spell/Skill requirements : Summon
Other requirements : none
Overal Rating : 9 / 10
Suprise factor: 10/10

This is by far my favourite pkilling technique. It has also given me the most
The obective is to kill Lilian in the 'mists' area. She has a sword called
'sword of wonder'.
When a player picks up this sword the Black Reaver will come and attack them. 
For those that don't know, the Black Reaver is a sizeable EQ monster. He hits
Most players will not last 1 round with him.

The objective is to kill lilian (100k monster, so you will need help), Then
summon your victim.
While the summon is in progress pick up the SoW. Once the victim is summoned
just give them the SoW and stand and watch as the Black Reaver sends them to
Timing is crucial! You must time the summon/picking up of SoW very well or it
will be you who goes to hell.
I would love to see my victims face IRL when they are pkilled using this

Example Reaver Kill
Summon: ##
You take sword of wonders <red glow>.
You are done with the chant.
You frantically wave your hands and yell 'gwwaaajj' (Summon)
Merioli snaps into existence.
You drop sword of wonders <red glow> to Merioli.
Black Reaver arrives looking for it's prey!
Black Reaver raises his axe and booms: 'Bakta Ascora Topax!'
Bolt of lightning from Reaver's axe hits Merioli's head!
There is a fierce combat going on here, beware!
Merioli lapses into unconsciousness from severe loss of blood.
A large cavity replaces Merioli's chest.
Merioli is DEAD, R.I.P.
Black Reaver shouts 'Merioli isn't much of a party animal!'
Merioli's corpse is collected by Death, clad in black.
Black Reaver appears, puts a crystal sword to the cave floor and disappears!
You emote to Merioli (dead) 'sends you some flowers --,--'<@ --,--'<@

The Drawbridge
Spell/Skill requirements : Spider Gate + Invisibility
Other requirements : none
Overal Rating : 9 / 10

The drawbridge area is home to a very interesting monster. 
It has a special ability where it can instantly kill a player. 
I wont give any more details away on its location.
What's even more remarkable is that this monster is lock in a no-exit room!
The objective is to get the key for this room, invis yourself, enter the room
and summon your victim.
Once you have summoned your victim, Leave the room and lock the door.
You should make a command for leaving the room and locking the door to ensure
that your victim doesn't get away.
The beauty of this technique is that no matter how badass your victim is they
will be dead withing a few rounds, due to this monsters special ability.

When trying to pkill a victim it is essential that you prevent them from
Many victims will either have Word of Recall, Teleport without Error, will ask
a friend to summon them, or will just try to run.
You must prevent this!

Spider Webs
Spider webs are effective for victims that try to run.
Spider webs will only trap a victim if they try to leave the room in a
different direction to which they arrived from.
Spider webs are essential if you are using a 'chase and kill' approach.

Heavy Weight
Heavy weight is the most important spell for preventing escapes. 
For any pkill technique you should aim to heavy weight your victim ASAP.
It is a 1 round spell so it is not very hard to do. This will prevent them
from being summoned, WoR'ding or teleporting home.

Some other techniques are described below for dealing with certain guilds.

Killing nuns
If you are a tiger and your victim is a nun, change your alignment to good
before trying to kill them. 
Especially if they are nun/templar.

Killing monk/tarms templar/tarms
An Anti Magic Field potion or a Truga plate will come in handy here. 
After summoning them use the potion or plate special. 
They will not be able to heal in combat and you should be able to take them
down with melee attacks.
Even if they are stronger than you in melee, you can make a command to leave
the room and lock the door so that you can heal youself and go back in. The
field should last long enough for you to finish them.

If you are cowardly then you might not want your victim to know who you are. 
Here are some techniques.

Burgle Mask
There are not many techniques for remaining unseen. 
One option is to use a burglemask. Since there is only a few players with
these it is not really an option.
If a player kills you while wearing a burglemask you can easily find out who
they are anyway, by using the track skill at the location where they killed

Tiger Mask
If there is a current tiger missions, you can mask yourself.
Note however that it is most likely illegal to pkill players other than
missions while using your mask.

Krom tells you 'what?????? why THE FUCK DID YOU KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Huppu is DEAD, R.I.P.
Walor is DEAD, R.I.P.
Conquer is DEAD, R.I.P.
Broetchen is DEAD, R.I.P.
Daria is DEAD, R.I.P.
Merioli is DEAD, R.I.P.

Always send your vistim flowers after you kill them.
Example: You emote to Huppu (dead) 'sends you some flowers --,--'<@ --,--'<@


There are many more techniques which I have not disclosed and many more that I
don't know about. 
I will add more as I see fit, so please keep an eye on any updates.
Player killing is a skill, it requires practice, as does anything.
Pkilling can be fun, but it can also be not fun. 
Once you get into a war with a player then you must follow it through. 
It will do you no good to whine to anyone.