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Library: The Rise and Fall of the Marauders


Author: kaz
Date:Nov 28 2003

The Rise

The Rise
I founded the Marauders back in April 2003. 
The aim was to gather a group of adventurers dedicated to plundering the world
of rare and valueable equipment.
We would divide the loot in a fair manner, no dicing! An auction system was

I spread the word and keen adventurers embraced the idea.
Sadly I had to turn away some of the less promising fortune-hunters as our
numbers were growing at a rapid rate.

Within a few weeks over 5 million gold was raised through donations to build a
Guild Hall in the great city of Orion and 6 weeks later our numbers had
swelled to over 130. 
All Marauders were equipped with a sack to store their loot.

The Plunder
A number of commanders where appointed in the guild with the responsibility of
leading the expeditions.

In the first 2 months of operations the Marauders undertook a total of 62
Of these, 56 were successful and loot to the value of 35 million gold was
plundered and divided amoung its 132 members.

The most notable Commanders were Grimmm, Kaz, Kawasa, Rognus, Akallabeth and
The most respected and successful adventuers in the group were Welwood,
Darian, Gildron.

The Fall
It was a sad time to watch the downfall of the Marauders. 

In the end, lack of experience, lack of time and lack of interest caused the
expeditions to become less frequent.
The initial excitement and enthusiasm had faded. 

We were being plagued by player killers who were harassing our members. 
This also led to some unrest amoung the members.

Finally the guildhall was removed from the great city of Orion due to some
conflict with the city council.

The Return
A new guild hall will be built and the Marauders will return someday. 

But not today..