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Library: Way of the warrior


Author: drifter
Date:Dec 16 2003

"Many years did I wonder thorough paths different,
 only to notice that there is no hope in searching the right path,
 but to wait and wait until the path chooses you.
 The real challenge is to walk the path,
 and that is only possible if you have the courage within,
 and the light of the morrow to shine through your journey.
 I found the courage from within, only to find the light had faded,
 for a warrior's courage comes from his deeds,
 but the light comes from his heart."

   To tell thee of how to become a warrior, beeing one, you must want
only one thing; not to become a warrior. Do not repeat the mistakes
of other warriors.

   The tales you hear of Heroes long past, are only mistakes that they
have made. Every fight is one fight too much, every step you take on
that path is one step too many.

   If you fall in a great battle you might get your name mentioned in
a song, if you duel a demonspawn you'll get a song of your own. But
even those deeds can not tithe thee as a Hero, no. No man, nor King,
only Death has the right to tithe Heroes. All those who are mentioned
in their own tales are long since passed away, and only live in the
pages of the libraries. When songs fade and men are unable to hear
or remember the words for the songs the stories of deeds, Heroic or
not, live forever, and decay nor death cannot use their cold touch
to wipe it away.

   But I digress. You are but starting your journey, young adventurer,
and I have reached the end of mine. The enthusiasm that you have in
your heart is but foolishness of the youth, soon to he burn out in the
anvil of the world. If I cannot convince you to switch your steely
sword that reeks of death to a trusty plowshare that will provide you
with a stable income and atleast a comfortable life, then let me atleast tell
you how to survive in the bittersweet life that you have chosen.

   Keep your mind as sharp as your sword, and don't be afraid to give up a
task that proves too hard for thee. Tomorrow is another day.

   Hold your head high and eyes keen on your enemy. Never lower your guard
even to a friend. Some enemies are dangerous even when their heart does not
beat anymore. Some are even more dangerous at that point...

   And remember: "Never trust an elf!".